Writer's Block

Writer's Block
The gangs prior to the "SoHo Writer's Showdown".
Level 6
Preceded by Real Heavy Rep
Succeeded by Adios Amigo
Warlord Rembrandt/Snow
Warchief Cowboy

"Writer's Block" is the sixth level of The Warriors (video game). The chapter follows a Warparty led by Rembrandt as he takes part in the "SoHo Writer's Showdown".


[edit] Level summary

At The Warriors' hangout, Warlord Cleon tells Rembrandt to finish the burner he was working on earlier. After making his way out into Coney Island and completing the burner, Rembrandt notices an advertisement for the "SoHo Writer's Showdown", hosted by Scopes. Rembrandt signs The Warriors up for the contest, but when he returns to the hangout to inform Cleon, the Warlord is unimpressed that Rembrandt acted without his consent. Despite his anger, Cleon allows Rembrandt to take part in the contest, sending Snow, Cowboy and Ajax to SoHo with him.

Here, the level begins in full, as the Warparty arrives in SoHo under the premise of a truce. The Warriors make their way into the Hi-Hats' turf, where the contest is being held, and eventually The Warriors are able to defeat the Electric Eliminators, Moonrunners and Panzers and win the contest. However, as Scopes announces The Warriors’ victory, he is thrown off some scaffolding by the Hi-Hats. Chatterbox, the leader of the Hi-Hats, then appears, remarking that he doesn't appreciate gangs leaving their mark on the Hi-Hats' territory. The participants of the contest are then surrounded by a large group of Hi-Hats, who attack the other gangs. The Warriors are able to escape to the roof opposite Chatterbox's podium, and use bricks to break a pulley and send scaffolding crashing down on Chatterbox. Following this, The Warriors are pursued across the SoHo rooftops by the Hi-Hats. However, The Warriors are able to find safety when they jump through the roof of Chatterbox's personal gallery, which they then destroy. The Warparty heads back to Coney before Chatterbox arrives at his gallery, and as the level ends the Hi-Hats' leader swears revenge on The Warriors.

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[edit] Behind the scenes

"Writer's Block" has a high score goal of 8000. Reaching this goal unlocks 18 soldiers and one arena for use in Rumble Mode.

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