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Welcome to The Warriors wiki on Neoseeker! The Warriors is a novel written by Sol Yurick in 1965, which later proved to be the basis for the 1979 film The Warriors, directed by Walter Hill. On The Warriors NeoWiki, you can find information relating to The Warriors novel and film, as well as the two video game adaptions of the film: The Warriors, released in 2005, and the 2009 video game The Warriors Street Brawl.

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Cleon was a co-founder of The Warriors and the Warlord of the gang until the meeting. Cleon was formerly high-ranking member of the Destroyers; however, when Virgil attempted to betray Cleon and fellow Destroyer Vermin, the two left the gang to found The Warriors. Following this, a war began between The Warriors and the Destroyers for control of Coney Island.

While this gang war was ongoing, Cleon made attempts to get The Warriors onto the Riffs network, as Cleon had heard that the Riffs' leader was planning something; by associating with the leader of the Saracens, Edge, Cleon was able to bring The Warriors to the attention of the Riffs. Cleon's actions meant that The Warriors were invited to the meeting, although it was there that Cleon met his downfall, as he was presumably killed by the Riffs after being falsely accused of shooting and killing Cyrus.

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