Turnbull AC's

Turnbull AC's

The logo of the Turnbull AC's.
General information
Leaders Birdie
Notable members Sid, Thrash, Nails, Hammer, Smash, Axel, Skid
Territory Gunhill and Pelham, the Bronx
Founding Sometime before June 30, 1979
Rivals The Warriors

The Turnbull AC's were a prominent street gang in New York City around the time of the meeting and one of the gangs that attended the conclave.

The Turnbulls were a respected and feared gang whose territory was Gunhill and Pelham in the Bronx. They were sometimes seen travelling in an old school bus, and they could be identified from their shaved heads and the vests that they wore, which bore the mark of the gang.

The gang's prominence meant that they were invited by Cyrus to the meeting in Van Cortlandt Park. When Cyrus was murdered at the meeting, and the blame was placed on the Coney Island-based gang The Warriors, the Turnbulls were the first gang that responded to the Riffs' alert and encountered The Warriors. The Turnbull AC's chased The Warriors down Gun Hill Road in their bus, but were unable to catch them as The Warriors reached the subway and escaped on a train.

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