The Warriors (novel)

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The Warriors
Cover of the 2003 paperback reprint of The Warriors.
Author Sol Yurick
Country United States
Language English[1]
Genre Crime
Publisher Grove Press (paperback reprint)[1]
Publication date 1965 (original)
2003 (paperback reprint)[1]
Media type Print (hardcover, paperback)
Pages 224 pages (paperback reprint)[1]
ISBN 978-0802139924 (paperback reprint)[1]

The Warriors is a novel written by Sol Yurick in 1965. The Warriors tells the story of the Coney Island Dominators, a New York City street gang who must battle their way back to their territory in Coney Island, Brooklyn after attending a meeting in the Bronx. The Warriors is loosely based on the story of Anabasis by Greek historian Xenophon, and was later adapted into a film of the same name, which was directed by Walter Hill and released in 1979.


[edit] Plot summary

The Warriors tells the story of the Coney Island Dominators, a New York City street gang from Coney Island, Brooklyn. On the evening of July 4, the Dominators attend a conclave of New York's gangs in the Bronx, where they witness the death of Ismael Rivera, the leader of the Delancey Thrones, the largest gang in New York. Following the death of Rivera, the Dominators must return to Coney Island from the Bronx, encountering various rival gangs as they make their journey.

[edit] Development

Author Sol Yurick has since said after the novel's release that it is not his best book and that he "wrote it as a kind of a joke". Yurick has claimed that The Warriors took him "three weeks to write".[2]

[edit] Adaptions

[edit] Film

Main article: The Warriors (film)

In 1979, a motion picture based on Sol Yurick's The Warriors was released. Directed by Walter Hill, The Warriors follows a gang named The Warriors as they attempt to return to their territory in Coney Island after attending the meeting in the Bronx. Several differences can be found between the novel and film, such as the characters being renamed, and the film having numerous Caucasian actors (while the novel primarily features African American and Hispanic characters). Yurick was a critic of the film, claiming that it "all fell apart" at the meeting, and saying Roger Hill was "terrible" in his role of Cyrus.[2]

The film was later adapted into two video games: The Warriors, released in 2005, and The Warriors: Street Brawl, released in 2009.

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