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Cyrus (Roger Hill), the leader of the biggest and most powerful gang in New York City, the Riffs, calls nine unarmed delegates from every gang in the city to attend a large-scale meeting at Van Cortlandt Park in order to explain his vision for the future of the city, and attempts to call a truce amongst all gangs in order to rule the city, taking control out of the hands of the police forces. One of the many gangs attending the meeting, are The Warriors, from Coney Island. The vast majority of the gangs find the idea inspirational and are completely on board, however Luther (David Patrick Kelly), the leader of the aptly-named Rogues, shoots Cyrus as he delivers his speech, before blaming the leader of the The Warriors, Cleon (Dorsey Wright), who is killed in the ensuing melee with the incensed Riffs. The death of the Warlord, Cleon, means that power is shifted onto Warchief, Swan (Michael Beck), though not without an element of disobedience from fellow member Ajax (James Remar), who believes he should become Warlord. The dispute is quickly settled, and the gang head towards the subway having escaped from the riot, unaware that The Riffs have put out a hit onto them via the D.J. (Lynne Thigpen), believing they are responsible for the death of Cyrus.

On the way to the first Subway station, the gang spot something that is sure to cause them problems, Turnbull AC's patrolling the road they have no option but to cross if they want to get home in one piece. Spotting an opportunity, The Warriors make a run for it and manage to escape from the enemy gang just in the nick of time. Thinking they are home free, the disappointment and frustration of the night is only added to when a fire on the line forces the gang off of the Subway in the unfriendly neighbourhood of Tremont. Whilst there, they come across a small-time outfit known locally as the Orphans, lead by Sully (Paul Greco), who allow The Warriors to pass through peacefully so long as they don't cause any mischief on their turf. At this point, Sully's girlfriend Mercy (Deborah Van Valkenburgh) intervenes, trying to encourage The Orphans to put up a fight, as well as attempting to goad The Warriors into a fight, which eventually comes a couple of blocks away, however The Warriors comfortably avoid the fight by using a Molotov cocktail to cause a distraction, before making a run for it. Mercy makes the decision to pursue The Warriors.

The Warriors soon arrive at the 96th and Broadway Subway station in Manhattan, but find themselves in a melee with patrolling police officers, who attempt to apprehend the gang when they spot them on the Subway carriage. During the fight, several of The Warriors find themselves being split up, with Mercy running away with Fox (Thomas G. Waites). Fox is eventually caught by a policeman, and in the struggle is thrown onto the rails from the Subway platform, and run over by an oncoming train. Mercy escapes the policeman, and makes a run for it. Swan and the other Warriors make their way out of the station and run out into the street, only to be confronted by Baseball Furies. They are chased into the Riverside Park. The gang are able to fight off the Furies by using their own weapons against them, ultimately managing to overpower them. As they move on, Ajax spots a woman alone in a park, and attempts to rape her as the other members of the gang move on in an attempt to get home quickly and avoid any further issue. Ajax is eventually arrested, as the lone-woman is revealed to be an undercover police officer, and as she calls for backup he pleads to be let go before becoming aggressive. This is the last time that Ajax is seen.

Arriving at the Union Square station that they arranged to meet the other members of the gang at, Rembrandt (Marcelino Sanchez), Vermin (Terry Michos) and Cochise (David Harris) find themselves as the subject of attention from a group of young women, who are later revealed to be the Lizzies. They return to the hideout of the all-female gang, and after messing around for a while realise that the plan of these women is to kill them. After a brief firefight, the gang manage to break down the locked door and escape from the hideout, with Rembrant suffering a knife-wound in the process. Whilst being treated, Rembrandt reveals at long last the reason that everybody has been attempting to kill them; everybody believes that The Warriors killed Cyrus.

Having gone on ahead on his own after the Ajax incident, Swan returns to the 96th and Broadway station, and finds Mercy there wandering around. She reveals she has stolen a jacket because the police are looking for a young woman in a pink top. It doesn't take long for the reunion to be cut short however, as more police arrive on the scene and the pair are forced to flee into the Subway system itself, running into the tunnel system and escaping the police that way. The pair end up having an argument whilst in the Subway system, as well as sharing a passionate kiss. Eventually Swan continues on his own, with Mercy following some way behind, and they both eventually reunite with the other Warriors at Union station, where they find themselves in yet another altercation, this time with a gang known as the Punks in the male toilets, which again they find themselves on the winning side of. During this time, the Riffs are introduced to somebody who knows what 'really' happened earlier on in the night during the meeting with Cyrus.

Arriving back at Coney Island as daylight begins to break through from behind the clouds, The Warriors believe they are home and safe at last. However, as Swan and the gang find out, all is not over yet. Sitting in a car nearby and taunting them, are Luther and The Rogues. The Warriors hatch a plan, and walk towards the beach, being followed by The Rogues. Eventually, Swan confronts Luther on the sand, and Luther pulls a gun onto The Warriors, claiming he is going to get away with what he has done. Just as he shoots the gun, Swan throws a knife into his wrist, causing him to misfire and fall to his knees. At this moment, The Riffs arrive on the scene and announce they know that Luther and The Rogues are responsible for the death of Cyrus, and they will give out a 'fair' punishment. The Warriors along with Mercy are allowed to leave, the hit being called off, and The Rogues are killed as The Warriors walk into the sunset, home at last, and safe for another night.

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