The Best

The Best
The Warriors after taking control of the hangout.
Level B
Preceded by Roots
Succeeded by Heavy Muscle
Warlord Swan
Warchief Cowboy

"The Best" is the second flashback level in The Warriors (video game). The level explains how Swan and Cowboy joined The Warriors, and how The Warriors got their hangout in Coney Island.


[edit] Level summary

At a King of the Hill contest in Gunhill, the founders of the newly-formed gang The Warriors, Cleon and Vermin, come across two former Destroyers: Swan and Cowboy. Swan and Cowboy are able to win the contest, and after the competition, Cleon offers both of them a place in The Warriors.

As their initiation, Swan and Cowboy must wreck havoc on the streets of Coney Island, destroying the stores and making the store owners aware that The Warriors are now their protection. After this, Cleon says that The Warriors need a hangout, and Cowboy points to a local building that is in use by Destroyers lieutenant LC and other Destroyers. The Warriors storm the hangout, defeating all of the Destroyers in there and chasing LC out onto the roof. On the roof, The Warriors tell LC to tell Destroyers' leader Virgil that Coney is now the territory of The Warriors, before the intoxicated LC jumps off the roof. After LC limps off, Cleon announces to Coney that The Warriors are here to stay.

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[edit] Behind the scenes

"The Best" has a high score goal of 6000. Reaching this goal unlocks two soldiers and one arena for use in Rumble Mode.

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