Tack's Warehouse

Tack's Warehouse is a location featured in the 2005 video game The Warriors. It is a warehouse complex in East Coney Island. In "Roots", Tack's Warehouse was the location of a drugs deal between the Satans Mothers and two members of the Destroyers: Cleon and Vermin. When the deal broke down, Cleon and Vermin had to escape through the complex with the Mothers searching for them. Even though they were able to escape, Cleon and Vermin had to battle the co-leaders of the Mothers, Spider and Tiny, before they were safe.

Tack's Warehouse is also available for use as an arena in the video game's Rumble Mode, in the "1 on 1" and "War Party" game modes.

[edit] Behind the scenes

On the sign for Tack's Warehouse, the first 'e' is missing; the sign actually reads "Tack's War house".

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