Swan parleys with Sully and the Orphans.
Physical description
Gender Male
Height 5' 11" (1.80 m)
Eye colour Light brown
Hair colour Light brown
Biographical information
Born November, 1954
  • Destroyers (formerly)
  • The Warriors

  • Swan was a member of The Warriors. Until the meeting, he was the gang's Warchief, or second-in-command; however, following Warlord Cleon's death at the meeting, Swan assumed leadership of the gang.

    Swan was formerly a member of the Coney Island-based street gang, the Destroyers. However, he eventually left the gang with Cowboy; the duo later became some of The Warriors' earliest members, as they joined up with the gang shortly after it was founded by Cleon and Vermin, who were also former Destroyers.

    When The Warriors were invited to attend the meeting, Swan was chosen as one of the nine delegates to represent The Warriors. As the gang's Warchief and second-in-command, Swan assumed control of The Warriors when Cleon was killed by the Gramercy Riffs following Cyrus' death. Despite Ajax initially challenging him for the role of Warlord, Swan was able to lead The Warriors past rival gangs such as the Turnbull AC's, Baseball Furies and Punks and back to Coney.

    Ultimately, Swan and five other members of The Warriors returned home from the Bronx. Upon returning to Coney, Swan and The Warriors confronted Luther, who was responsible for Cyrus' death. Luther drew a gun on The Warriors and fired, but Swan was quick to dodge and throw a switchblade into Luther's wrist, disabling him.


    [edit] Biography

    Swan was born in Manhattan and is Polish American he later moved to Brooklyn when he turned 20. He joined the Destroyers, a gang based in Coney Island, Brooklyn. Sometime before April 16, 1978, Swan left the Destroyers with Cowboy.[1]

    [edit] Joining The Warriors

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    On May 6, 1978, Swan and Cowboy entered a King of the Hill competition at the Junkyard in Gunhill. While preparing for the competition, Swan and Cowboy came across Cleon and Vermin, two former Destroyers who had recently established a new gang called The Warriors. Swan and Cowboy went on to win the King of the Hill contest, defeating The Warriors and other gangs such as Electric Eliminators and Moonrunners. Following Swan and Cowboy's victory, Cleon and Vermin offered them a place in The Warriors.[1]

    Swan with The Warriors.

    Swan and Cowboy accepted the offer, before they underwent their initiation into the gang. Swan and Cowboy made their way around West Coney Island, destroying the stores under the Destroyers' protection, and telling the shopkeepers that they were to start paying protection money to The Warriors. Following this, Swan and Cowboy regrouped with Cleon and Vermin, before they defeated Destroyers lieutenant LC and a number of Destroyers in an old building, which The Warriors then claimed as their hangout.[1]

    Swan was also present when Ajax and Snow were initiated into The Warriors, on June 15.[2]

    [edit] Battles with the Destroyers

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    Swan faces the Destroyers.

    On April 13, 1979, The Warriors recruited an artist in Rembrandt. On the same night, The Warriors came under attack from the Destroyers and the local cops. Swan was with Cochise when they were attacked by several Destroyers; Swan and Cochise were able to defeat the Destroyers, but they were then confronted by a much larger group of Destroyers. Swan and Cochise battled the Destroyers for a short time, before Cleon and several more members of The Warriors arrived. Swan and The Warriors were able to defeat the Destroyers, but when they returned to their hangout they found that the Destroyers had left a tag on the side of the building.[3] In retribution, Cleon ordered a Warparty to go to East Coney and cross out any Destroyers tags they found.[4]

    [edit] Battling the Hi-Hats

    See also: Encore

    After his gallery was desecrated by members of The Warriors, Chatterbox, the leader of the Hi-Hats, vowed revenge on the gang. This came on June 4, as the Hi-Hats threw a skull through one of the windows in The Warriors' hangout. Swan was with Vermin on the streets of Coney when this occurred, although they then met up with other members of The Warriors to confront Chatterbox and the Hi-Hats at the Coney Amusement Park. Swan and The Warriors were able to defeat a large group of Hi-Hats, which led to Chatterbox retreating inside one of the Amusement Park's attractions with his lieutenants Crackerjack and Marcel. Swan pursued Chatterbox, along with Cleon, Ajax and Snow; after defeating two groups of Hi-Hats and outrunning a cart, the Warparty came across Chatterbox and his lieutenants. After a prolonged battle, Swan and the Warparty were able to defeat the Hi-Hats lieutenants and kill Chatterbox to bring an end to the feud between the gangs.[5]

    [edit] Ending the Destroyers

    See also: Payin' The Cost, Destroyed

    Swan defends Coney Island.

    On June 21, as part of the ongoing rivalry between The Warriors and the Destroyers, the Destroyers attacked Charlie's Plumbing Store in West Coney. Swan, along with Cleon and Vermin, defended West Coney's stores from the Destroyers, as New Blood Ash was sent on a scouting mission to Tony's Fish Market, and Snow was sent to find other members of The Warriors. Swan, Cleon and Vermin were able to defend Coney's stores, and regrouped with Snow; however, Tony then appeared with Ash's vest, telling The Warriors that the Destroyers were at the Fish Market. Swan and Cleon went to search for Ash at the Fish Market, although they found that Ash had been killed and they had been led into a trap. Swan and Cleon escaped into the Fish Market's car lot, where they came under attack from the Destroyers, who threw Molotov cocktails at them.[6]

    Swan and Cleon were able to escape from the Destroyers,[6] before launching a revenge attack on the Destroyers in East Coney. Swan was part of this attack, as he was part of a Warparty that caused havoc on the streets of East Coney, before the entirety of The Warriors came together to attack the Destroyers' hangout. When Cleon and Vermin later killed Virgil, it brought an end to the battle for Coney Island, with The Warriors the victors.[7]

    [edit] The meeting, subsequent events and return to Coney Island

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    Swan in Gunhill.

    When The Warriors were invited to the meeting held by Cyrus and the Gramercy Riffs in Van Cortlandt Park, Swan was selected by Cleon as one of the nine delegates representing the gang; Swan was assigned the role of Warchief, or second-in-command. At the meeting, Swan stood beside Cleon as Cyrus spoke about his vision of one unified gang taking control of New York City; however, as Cyrus outlined his idea, he was shot and killed by Luther, the leader of the Rogues. A large number of cops then appeared, which meant that Swan and The Warriors had to escape to a nearby cemetery; following Cyrus' death and the arrival of the cops, Cleon was killed by the Riffs, as The Warriors were falsely accused of Cyrus' murder. Cleon's death meant that Swan was the new leader of The Warriors; Ajax briefly challenged Swan for the role of leader, but several members of the gang spoke in support of Swan.[8][9]

    Swan then led The Warriors into Gunhill, the territory of the Turnbull AC's. Swan and The Warriors made their way to beneath the subway station as their train pulled up, but the Turnbull AC's then passed in their renovated school bus, patrolling their territory. When Swan and The Warriors attempted to run to the subway station, they were chased by the Turnbulls in their bus. Swan and The Warriors were able to make it to the train and escape from the Turnbulls,[9] but their train was later stopped in Tremont due to a fire at the station.[8][10]

    Swan with the Orphans.

    Swan led The Warriors through part of Tremont, before they were confronted by Sully and the Orphans. Swan and Fox attempted to parley The Warriors' safe passage through Tremont, but talks broke down when Sully's girlfriend Mercy appeared and challenged Sully's manhood. Sully ordered The Warriors to remove their vests while in Tremont, but Swan refused; Sully and the Orphans retreated inside a nearby building, while Swan led The Warriors through Tremont to the next train station. As they The Warriors made their way through Tremont, they were followed by Mercy; when Swan and The Warriors stopped to confront Mercy, a large group of Orphans attempted to ambush The Warriors. However, Swan threw a Molotov cocktail onto a nearby car, with the ensuing explosion giving Swan and The Warriors a chance to escape to the nearby train station with Mercy.[8][10]

    Swan and The Warriors rode the train to 96th Street Station, where they were separated by a group of cops. Swan was able to escape from the cops by exiting the station along with Ajax, Cowboy and Snow, but the foursome was then confronted by the Riverside-based gang, the Baseball Furies. Swan and The Warriors were chased by the Furies into Riverside Park; despite being outnumbered, Swan and The Warriors were able to defeat the Furies. However, as they made their way to Union Square, Ajax left Swan and The Warriors to sit with Chloe. Swan continued on to Union Square, while Cowboy and Snow returned to the Park, only to find Ajax being arrested after attempting to sexual assault the woman.[8][11]

    Upon his arrival at Union Square, Swan was greeted by Mercy, who had earlier escaped from the cops with Fox, before Fox was thrown in front of a train by another cop. As Swan and Mercy made their way through Union Square, they came across another cop, and had to escape onto the train tracks. On the tracks, Swan and Mercy spoke for a short time, before they kissed. However, Swan broke off from the kiss and left Mercy behind, telling her to leave him alone.[8][12]

    Swan before battling the Punks.

    As Swan left Mercy behind, he was followed by Vance, the leader of the Punks. Swan was followed for some time, before Mercy approached him again, warning him that the Punks had been following him. Swan said that he was already aware of this, and waited for the rest of The Warriors to arrive, before leading them into a nearby Subway Bathroom. The Punks followed The Warriors into the Bathroom, where Swan and The Warriors ambushed them by jumping out of the bathroom stalls. In the battle that ensued, Swan and The Warriors were able to defeat the Punks, before returning to Coney Island.[8][12]

    Swan faces the Rogues.

    When Swan and The Warriors returned to Coney, they found themselves being confronted by Luther and the Rogues. The Rogues chased The Warriors to beneath a boardwalk near Coney Island beach, where Luther taunted The Warriors until Swan led The Warriors onto the beach. On the beach, Swan confronted Luther and challenged him to a one-on-one battle, but Luther declined and instead drew out his handgun. Luther attempted to shoot Swan, but Swan was quick to throw a knife into Luther's wrist, disabling him. The Riffs then appeared on the beach, led by their new leader Masai. Masai praised The Warriors after they were able to return from the Bronx, before allowing them safe passage past the Riffs.[8][13]

    [edit] Personality and traits

    Swan was The Warriors' Warchief until the meeting; following Cleon's death at the conclave, Swan took over as Warlord of the gang. Swan was very tough and very resourceful; his ability to combine shrewdness and physical courage made him a natural military tactician. However, despite this, Swan dislike the necessity of taking command, and was by choice a loner.[14] Swan was strong and excelled in skills such as mugging and resisting arrest; however, his weaknesses included more nimble skills, such as tagging and lock-picking.[15]

    [edit] Behind the scenes

    Swan first appeared in the 1979 film The Warriors, in which he was portrayed by American actor Michael Beck.[16] In The Warriors, Swan develops a romantic relationship with Mercy, portrayed by Deborah Van Valkenburgh, as he leads The Warriors back to Coney Island. In the film's original script, Swan was kidnapped by a gang called the Dingoes, while Fox developed a relationship with Mercy and led the The Warriors back to Coney; however, this was changed due to the on-screen chemistry between Beck and Van Valkenburgh, which was one of the reasons for Thomas G. Waites, Fox's actor, leaving The Warriors during production.[17]

    Swan also appeared in the 2005 video game The Warriors; Beck returned to voice Swan in the game.[18]

    [edit] Appearances

    [edit] References

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