Sharp Dressed Man

Sharp Dressed Man
Cochise and Snow after defeating Big Moe.
Level E
Preceded by Scout's Honor
Warlord Cochise
Warchief Snow

"Sharp Dressed Man" is the fifth and final flashback level in The Warriors (video game). The level follows Cochise's initiation into The Warriors, as he makes his way to Harlem with Snow to retrieve a hat belonging to a member of the Boppers.


[edit] Level summary

Harlem native Cochise has moved to Coney Island and wishes to join The Warriors. However, in order to prove himself, Warlord Cleon sets Cochise the initiation task of going into Harlem and retrieving a size nine hat from one of the Boppers; Snow is sent to aid Cochise on his initiation.

Upon their arrival in Harlem, Cochise and Snow battle several groups of Boppers. However, they are unable to find a size nine hat, so they make their way into the Roman Disco. In the disco, Cochise and Snow defeat another group of Boppers, before interrogating Reggie, a Boppers lieutenant. Reggie reveals that the leader of the Boppers is Big Moe; Cochise and Snow make their way to a nearby pool hall, The Pocket in search of Moe. However, Big Moe is not at the pool hall; instead, Cochise and Snow find another Boppers lieutenant: Boxcar. After Boxcar is interrogated by Cochise and Snow, he reveals that Moe can sometimes be found at a nearby strip club called The Black Cat.

Cochise and Snow make their way to The Black Cat; although they don't find Big Moe there, they pay Debbie, one of the performers, until he informs them that Moe is at a party at the nearby Club 45. Using Debbie's pass, Cochise and Snow enter Club 45, where they confront Big Moe. Cochise and Snow battle Big Moe on the dance floor of the club, and are eventually able to defeat him and take his size nine hat.

Cochise and Snow make their way back to Coney with Big Moe's hat, with Snow satisfied that Cochise has done enough to become a member of The Warriors.

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[edit] Behind the scenes

"Sharp Dressed Man" has a high score goal of 11000. Reaching this goal unlocks 28 soldiers and one arena for use in Rumble Mode.

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