Set Up

Set Up
Cowboy and Cochise with the Saracens.
Level 12
Preceded by Boys In Blue
Succeeded by All-City
Warlord Cowboy
Warchief Cochise

"Set Up" is the twelfth level of The Warriors (video game). The level follows Cowboy and Cochise in Bensonhurst as they help the Saracens frame rival gang the Jones Street Boys.


[edit] Level summary

Cleon has been talking to the Bensonhurst-based gang, the Saracens, who say they've been having problem with their rivals the Jones Street Boys. The Saracens are a reputable gang, and Cleon believes that aiding them will lead to The Warriors getting onto the Riffs' network.

Cowboy and Cochise are sent to Bensonhurst, where they meet up with the Saracens' leader Edge. Edge explains that the Jones Street Boys have recently been working with the local cops, which has caused problems between the gangs. Edge tells Cowboy and Cochise that the plan is for them to steal items from the stores around Bensonhurst, then plant some in the trunk of the cops' car and the rest in the Jones Street Boys' hangout.

After Edge and the Saracens leave, Cowboy and Cochise begin making their way around Bensonhurst, looting the stores and stealing car radios. When they have enough stolen items, Cowboy and Cochise plant some of the items in the trunk of the cops' car, before they make their way to the Jones Street Boys' hangout and plant the remaining items there.

Following this, Cowboy and Cochise come across Judas and his partner, two of the cops who have been working with the Jones Street Boys. Cowboy lies and says that the JSBs have a business set up where they sell stolen merchandise out of their hangout, before leaving the cops. Annoyed that they are being left out of this fabricated deal, the cops arrest Knox, the leader of the JSBs. However, the cops themselves are then arrested after Harrison and Garrison uncover the stolen items in their trunk. Before leaving Bensonhurst Cowboy and Cochise come across Edge, who thanks them for their work and tells The Warriors he will tell he Riffs about them prior to the meeting.

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[edit] Behind the scenes

"Set Up" has a high score goal of 15000. Reaching this goal unlocks 29 soldiers and one arena for use in Rumble Mode.

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