Scout's Honor

Scout's Honor
Fox with The Warriors prior to his initiation.
Level D
Preceded by Heavy Muscle
Succeeded by Sharp Dressed Man
Warlord Fox
Warchief Vermin

"Scout's Honor" is the fourth flashback level in The Warriors (video game). The level follows Fox's initiation into The Warriors, as he makes his way to Chinatown with Vermin to disrupt the Savage Huns' financial operations.


[edit] Level summary

Fox wishes to be a member of The Warriors, so Warlord Cleon presents him with the task of venturing into Chinatown to disrupt the financial operations of the Savage Huns. The existing members of The Warriors have doubts about Fox's physicality, so Cleon orders Vermin to accompany Fox; both of them must wear shirts bearing a slogan that disrespects the Huns.

Upon their arrival in Chinatown, the shirts worn by Fox and Vermin attract the attention of a group of Savage Huns. Fox and Vermin defeat the Huns and then destroy several stalls on the streets of Chinatown, which attracts the attention of a large group of Huns. After Fox and Vermin defeat or escape from the group of Huns, they come to the market, where they follow the Huns' accountant Mr. Pong and keep a record of his transactions. Following this, Fox and Vermin waste Pong and take his ledger, before they pursue the Huns' errand boy Sammy. Sammy leads them to the headquarters of the Huns, where Fox and Vermin must battle several Huns and then their leader, Ghost. After defeating Ghost, Fox and Vermin retrieve Sammy's bag, before they are chased out of Chinatown by a group of Huns.

Fox and Vermin return to Coney Island, where a satisfied Cleon tells Fox that he has earned a vest and a place in The Warriors.

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[edit] Behind the scenes

"Scout's Honor" has a high score goal of 9000. Reaching this goal unlocks 29 soldiers and two arenas for use in Rumble Mode.

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