Cleon declares war on Virgil and the Destroyers.
Level A
Succeeded by The Best
Warlord Cleon
Warchief Vermin

"Roots" is the first flashback level in The Warriors (video game). The level explains how Cleon and Vermin left the Destroyers to found The Warriors after being set up by the Destroyers' leader Virgil.


[edit] Level summary

Cleon and Vermin are discussing the Destroyers' leader Virgil when Lemmy appears, informing them that Virgil wishes to speak to them. Virgil has set up a drugs deal with the Satans Mothers MC and wants Cleon and Vermin to be there. Virgil sends Cleon and Vermin to collect the drugs from LC, promising to meet them at Tack's Warehouse at midnight, before the deal takes place.

Cleon and Vermin arrive at LC's shack, although before they collect the drugs they must break up a stakeout, as the cops Harrison and Garrison are tracking LC's movements. After committing several crimes and distracting the cops, the stakeout is broken up. Cleon and Vermin collect the drugs from LC and make their way to Tack's Warehouse, although Virgil has still not appeared by midnight, so Cleon and Vermin attempt to complete the deal themselves. However, it transpires that the drugs the Destroyers are offering are fake, and Cleon and Vermin are chased into the warehouse by the Satans Mothers. It becomes apparent that Cleon and Vermin have been set up by Virgil, although they have more to worry about as they must escape from the warehouse complex. Even though Cleon and Vermin are able to escape, they are then confronted by Spider and Tiny, the leaders of the Satans Mothers. Cleon and Vermin are able to defeat Spider and Tiny, before returning to the Destroyers' hangout.

At the hangout, Virgil mockingly asks them how the deal went. When Cleon and Vermin respond angrily, Virgil reveals that he believes Cleon has been trying to take over the Destroyers. Cleon accuses Virgil of being paranoid, before declaring war on Virgil and the Destroyers as he and Vermin leave.

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[edit] Behind the scenes

"Roots" has a high score goal of 9000. Reaching this goal unlocks 18 soldiers and one arena for use in Rumble Mode.

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