The logo of the Riffs.
General information
  • Cyrus (formerly)
  • Masai
  • Notable members Spazz, Seal, Jerome, AJ, Slim, Screetch, Cleaver, Calvin, Stokely, Jamal, Malachi
    Territory Gramercy, Manhattan
    Founding Sometime before April 13, 1979
    Allies Saracens, The Warriors, Baseball Furies
    Rivals Rogues

    The Riffs were the largest gang in New York City around the time of the meeting.

    The Riffs operated out of Gramercy, Manhattan; although their influence spread far beyond that, and reached out to all corners of New York. The leader of the Riffs was Cyrus, who envisioned one unified gang in control of New York. As part of his vision, Cyrus invited all of the gangs on the Riffs' network to a conclave in Van Cortlandt Park, under the premise of a general truce. However, the truce was broken by the leader of the Rogues, Luther, who shot and killed Cyrus as he gave his speech.

    Masai, Cyrus' second-in-command, became the leader of the Riffs following Cyrus' murder. Masai began a search for the gang he believed was to blame for Cyrus' death: the Coney Island-based gang The Warriors. Many of New York's gangs responded to Masai's alert and attempted to defeat The Warriors. However, when Masai learnt that the Rogues were to blame and not The Warriors, he and a large group of Riffs made their way to Coney. There, the Riffs interrupted a showdown between The Warriors and the Rogues; Masai praised The Warriors and allowed them safe passage past the Riffs, before the large group of Riffs advanced on the Rogues amidst Luther's screams.

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