Rembrandt in the Lizzies' hangout.
Physical description
Gender Male
Eye colour Dark brown
Hair colour Dark brown
Biographical information
Born 5th December 1958
  • The Warriors

  • Rembrandt was a member of The Warriors, and one of the nine delegates chosen to represent the gang at the meeting.

    Rembrandt was the gang's tagger, and joined The Warriors three months prior to the meeting. After winning the "SoHo Writer's Showdown" and taking The Warriors "all-city", Rembrandt was selected by Warlord Cleon as one of the nine delegates to represent the gang at the conclave held by Cyrus and the Gramercy Riffs in Van Cortlandt Park.

    At the meeting, Cyrus was killed, and The Warriors were wrongfully accused of his murder, which meant that they had to battle home to Coney Island from the Bronx. After escaping from the Turnbull AC's and making their way past the Orphans in Tremont, The Warriors were split up at the 96th Street Station. After The Warriors were split up, Rembrandt, Vermin and Cochise were the first members of the gang to arrive at Union Square, where they encountered the all-female gang, the Lizzies. While Vermin and Cochise were easily-seduced and almost killed by the Lizzies, Rembrandt was able to warn them in time for trio to escape and regroup with the rest of The Warriors prior to a battle in a subway bathroom against the Punks. Ultimately, Rembrandt was one of the six members of The Warriors that returned to Coney, from the original nine that attended the meeting.

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