Real Heavy Rep

Real Heavy Rep
The Warriors confront the Orphans.
Level 5
Preceded by Blackout
Succeeded by Writer's Block
Warlord Cleon
Warchief Fox

"Real Heavy Rep" is the fifth level of The Warriors (video game). The chapter follows The Warriors' Warlord Cleon as he leads a Warparty containing a number of New Bloods to Tremont to battle the Orphans.


[edit] Level summary

The level opens up in The Warriors' hangout, with the D.J. reporting news from around New York City. One of the D.J.'s reports talks about the Tremont gang the Orphans beating The Warriors. However, this is a false reports, so Warlord Cleon and scout Fox decide to lead a Warparty containing a number of New Bloods to Tremont to see how tough the Orphans really are.

Arriving in Tremont, The Warriors immediately defeat a small group Orphans, before the local hobos inform them that the Orphans usually inhabit Tremont's clinic. There, The Warriors defeat a large number of Orphans, before the Orphans' second-in-command, Jesse, is thrown out of the clinic. The Warriors chase Jesse and when they catch him, interrogate him for the location of the remaining Orphans. When Jesse reveals that the Orphans are throwing a party at The Orphanage, The Warriors make their way there and waste all of the Orphans. However, as they attempt to leave Mercy appears, telling The Warriors that the Orphans' leader Sully is at the auto shop, fixing his car.

When The Warriors arrive at the auto shop, Sully and the Orphans are able to escape to safety behind a gate. However, Sully leaves his car unattended and The Warriors are able destroy it, despite the best attempts of the Orphans to stop them. After destroying the car, The Warriors leave Sully wailing on the floor, but before they leave Tremont, Cleon gives the New Bloods a talk on the importance of always maintaining The Warriors' reputation.

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[edit] Behind the scenes

"Real Heavy Rep" has a high score goal of 7000. Reaching this goal unlocks 12 soldiers and two arenas for use in Rumble Mode.

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