Payin' The Cost

Payin' The Cost
The Warriors prepare to defend Coney Island.
Level 9
Preceded by Encore
Succeeded by Destroyed
Warlord Cleon
Warchief Swan

"Payin' The Cost" is the ninth level of The Warriors (video game). The level follows The Warriors as they defend their side of Coney Island from their rivals, the Destroyers.


[edit] Level summary

Cleon, Swan, Vermin, Snow, and Ash are in The Warriors's hangout when a civilian runs in, informing The Warriors that Charlie the plumber is in need of assistance. The Warriors make their way down to Charlie's Plumbing Store, where they find it destroyed. Charlie explains that earlier, Virgil and the Destroyers told the Coney Island shopkeepers that The Warriors' protection was worthless and that they are now protected by the Destroyers. Cleon sends Snow to round up the rest of The Warriors and sends Ash to scout Tony's Fish Market, before he, Swan and Vermin go to collect their owed protection money from the Coney Island shopkeepers.

After collecting money from the stores, Cleon, Swan and Vermin regroup with Snow, who informs them that the rest of The Warriors are on their way. Snow asks where Ash is, but at that moment The Warriors' side of Coney comes under attack from the Destroyers. Cleon, Swan, Vermin and Snow defend Coney's main stores from the Destroyers, before Tony appears holding Ash's vest and telling The Warriors that Virgil and the Destroyers are at the Fish Market. Cleon and Swan make their way to the Fish Market, where they find Ash's wasted body and realise it's a trap.

Cleon and Swan escape into the Fish Market's car park, where they are met by Virgil and a number of Destroyers wielding Molotov cocktails. Virgil leaves after telling the Destroyers to waste them. Cleon and Swan must break the lock on the gate holding them, while avoiding the Molotov cocktails being thrown at them. Eventually Cleon and Swan are able to escape, and the following level "Destroyed" begins immediately afterwards.

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[edit] Behind the scenes

"Payin' The Cost" has a high score goal of 1000. Reaching this goal unlocks 14 soldiers and one arena for use in Rumble Mode.

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