The Warriors burner on the Destroyers' hangout.
Level 3
Preceded by Real Live Bunch
Succeeded by Blackout
Warlord Rembrandt
Warchief Vermin

"Payback" is the third level of The Warriors (video game). The level follows Rembrandt as he leads a Warparty into East Coney Island to tag over any Destroyers graffiti.


[edit] Level summary

The end of the previous level, "Real Live Bunch", saw the Destroyers tag over the burner outside of The Warriors' hangout. In retribution, Cleon sends a Warparty consisting of Rembrandt, Vermin, Cowboy and Ajax into East Coney Island to tag any Destroyers burners.

After tagging over the Destroyers burners on East Coney's two main streets, the Warparty prepare to head home. However, Vermin suggests that Rembrandt should tag over the Destroyers burner on the side of their hangout. Rembrandt seems reluctant and Ajax makes his way to the hangout alone. Eventually Rembrandt is persuaded, and he, Vermin and Cowboy stealthily make their way past the Destroyers scouts to the hangout. Rembrandt is able to tag over the Destroyers burner, and as the Warparty leaves they are reunited with Ajax.

Later, Virgil wakes up following the Destroyers' party. Looking out of his window, Virgil sees the new Warriors burner and vows revenge. As he turns away from the camera, it is shown that he had a red W painted on his back; which is what Ajax did after leaving the Warparty.

A cutscene is then shown, which shows the leader of the Riffs, Cyrus, talking to his second-in-command Masai in Van Cortlandt Park. Cyrus asks Masai what he sees before him, and when Masai replies that he sees the Van Cortlandt Rangers' territory, Cyrus talks about how petty the battles for territory are, and the possibilities that open up when they are disregarded.

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[edit] Behind the scenes

"Payback" has a high score goal of 17000. Reaching this goal unlocks 22 soldiers for use in Rumble Mode.

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