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Panzers after the meeting.
General information
  • Jonah
  • Notable members Abe, C-Style, Keenan, Theo
    Territory Washington Heights, Manhattan
    Founding Sometime before May 6, 1978
    Rivals Hurricanes, Hi-Hats

    The Panzers were a street gang in New York City around the time of the meeting.

    The Panzers could be identified from their camouflage jackets, and were led by Jonah. Following their formation, the Panzers participated in the King of the Hill contest held in the Junkyard in Gunhill, as well as being involved in the blackout in Riverside and the "SoHo Writer's Showdown".

    When the conclave occurred in Van Cortlandt Park, the Panzers were one of the gangs present, and they witnessed the death of the Gramercy Riffs leader Cyrus at the hands of Luther and the Rogues.


    [edit] History

    [edit] King of the Hill contest

    See also: The Best

    On May 6, 1978, two members of the Panzers participated in a King of the Hill contest in the Gunhill Junkyard, competing against gangs such as The Warriors, Moonrunners and Electric Eliminators. However, the Panzers lost the contest, as it was won by the unaffiliated Swan and Cowboy.[1]

    [edit] Riverside blackout

    See also: Blackout

    On April 30, 1979, a blackout occurred in Riverside, and a riot subsequently broke out. The Panzers were one of the gangs involved in the Riverside riot, rioting alongside civilians and gangs such as the Rogues and Savage Huns.[2]

    [edit] Invading Coney Island

    See also: Turf Invasion II

    Sometime after the Riverside blackout, a group of nine Panzers invaded Coney Island. However, they were defeated by The Warriors, one of Coney's resident gangs.[3]

    [edit] "SoHo Writer's Showdown"

    See also: Writer's Block

    On May 20, the "SoHo Writer's Showdown" was held by Scopes on territory belonging to the Hi-Hats. The Panzers were one of the four gangs that participated in the Showdown, competing against The Warriors, Moonrunners and Electric Eliminators. The Panzers were represented by their artist C-Style and two other members of the gang, although they were defeated as the contest was won by The Warriors and their artist Rembrandt.[4]

    The Panzers at the Showdown.

    As Scopes announced The Warriors as the victors, he was thrown from the top of a scaffold by members of the Hi-Hats. Chatterbox, the leader of the Hi-Hats, then appeared, declaring his disgust at the gangs who had taken part in the contest. A large group of Hi-Hats surrounded the Panzers and the other gangs, before ambushing them. As the Panzers fought against the Hi-Hats and the other gangs, The Warriors were able to escape to a roof across from where Chatterbox stood on the scaffolding. The Warriors used projectiles such as bricks to knock a piece of scaffolding down onto Chatterbox, who then suffered a large fall into the courtyard. The Panzers and the other gangs were left behind as the Hi-Hats then pursued The Warriors across a set of SoHo Rooftops.[4]

    [edit] Battling the Hurricanes

    Around the time of the SoHo Writer's Showdown, a group of Panzers made their way to the Stripes and Solids, a club in Spanish Harlem. In the club, the group of Panzers were defeated by Diego, a large member of the Hurricanes, and his younger brother Vargas. The Panzers' defeat was later mentioned by the D.J. on the gang radio station.

    [edit] Battling the Hi-Hats

    On July 10, the Panzers were defeated by the SoHo-based gang the Hi-Hats, led by their leader Crackerjack. The D.J. later reported the Panzers' defeat on the gang radio station.

    [edit] The meeting

    See also: The Warriors (film), Desperate Dudes, the meeting

    When Cyrus and the Gramercy Riffs called a conclave in Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx, the Panzers were one of the many gangs that attended the meeting. Nine delegates were sent to represent the gang at the conclave, where they witnessed Cyrus' murder at the hands of Luther and the Rogues.[5][6]

    [edit] Members

    [edit] Behind the scenes

    The Panzers first appeared in the 1979 film The Warriors, although they had a small role in the film and weren't referred to by name.[5] The Panzers later appeared in the 2005 video game The Warriors; in the video game, the role of the Panzers in The Warriors canon was expanded somewhat, and the name of the gang was revealed.[7]

    [edit] Appearances

    [edit] Sources

    [edit] References

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