The logo of the Orphans.
General information
  • Sully
  • Notable members Monk, Hutch, Pike, Bugs, McGee
    Territory Tremont, the Bronx
    Founding Sometime before May 19, 1979
    Rivals The Warriors

    The Orphans were a street gang in New York City around the time of the meeting.

    The Orphans were regarded as one of the weakest gangs in New York, and attempted to make up for this by having a large number of members and making false reports about defeating other gangs. However, despite the size of the gang and their false reports, the Orphans were not invited to the meeting held by Cyrus and the Riffs in Van Cortlandt Park.

    Even though they did not attend the conclave, the Orphans were still one of the gangs that later encountered The Warriors, the gang that had apparently shot Cyrus at the meeting. As The Warriors attempted to get home to Coney Island, they were forced to abandon their train in Tremont, the Orphans' turf. After an attempt at peace negotiations between the Orphans' leader Sully and The Warriors' Warlord Swan broke down, the Orphans prepared to attack The Warriors. However, when Swan used a Molotov cocktail to blow up a nearby car, The Warriors were able to escape, taking Sully's girlfriend Mercy with them.


    [edit] History

    [edit] Formation

    The Orphans were founded sometime before May 19, 1979, and adopted Tremont in the Bronx as their territory. The Orphans' leader was Sully, and their main hangout was the Orphanage.[1]

    [edit] Making false reports and first encounter with The Warriors

    See also: Real Heavy Rep

    On May 19, the Orphans falsely reported that they had defeated the Coney Island-based gang The Warriors. In retaliation, Warlord Cleon and scout Fox led a group of The Warriors' New Bloods to Tremont to battle the Orphans.[2]

    The Orphans face The Warriors.

    Two groups of Orphans were defeated by The Warriors' Warparty, before The Warriors encountered the Orphans lieutenant Jessie at the clinic. Jessie was chased by the Warparty, who caught him and interrogated him for the location of the Orphans' hangout. A number of Orphans were having a party at the Orphanage, but The Warriors then arrived and defeated the Orphans present. Mercy, Sully's girlfriend, then appeared and told the Warparty that Sully was at a local auto body yard, fixing his car. At the auto yard, Sully and the Orphans were confronted by the Warparty; the Orphans were able to escape to safety behind a gate, but The Warriors then destroyed Sully's car, leaving the Orphans' leader sobbing on the ground.[2]

    [edit] Second encounter with The Warriors

    See also: The Warriors (film), No Permits, No Parley

    Orphans with Swan and Fox.

    When Cyrus and the Gramercy Riffs called a conclave of New York City's street gangs in Van Cortlandt Park, the Orphans were not invited, as they were not on the Riffs' network. At the meeting, Cyrus was killed, and the blame for Cyrus' murder was placed on The Warriors. The Warriors attempted to return home to their territory in Coney Island, but a fire meant that their train had to stop in Tremont. Sully and the Orphans confronted The Warriors as they made their way through Tremont; Sully parleyed with The Warriors' new Warlord Swan and Fox, but these talks broke down when Mercy appeared and challenged Sully's manhood. Sully asked The Warriors to remove their vests as they passed through Tremont, but The Warriors refused this request, and the Orphans retreated inside a nearby building.[3][4]

    Mercy followed The Warriors as they made their way through Tremont, but they later stopped to confront her. As The Warriors confronted Mercy, a large group of Orphans attempted to ambush The Warriors. However, Swan threw a Molotov cocktail onto a nearby car, with the ensuing explosion distracting the Orphans and allowing The Warriors to escape with Mercy.[3][4]

    [edit] Members

    Overlooking the Orphanage.

    [edit] Former members

    [edit] Behind the scenes

    The Orphans first appeared in the 1979 film The Warriors; they played a supporting role in the film, as they were one of the street gangs who confronted the protagonist gang The Warriors following the meeting.[3] The Orphans later returned in the 2005 video game The Warriors, appearing in two missions: "Real Heavy Rep" and "No Permits, No Parley".[1]

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