Luther with his handgun at the meeting.
Physical description
Gender Male
Height 5' 6" (1.68 m)
Hair colour Brown
Biographical information
Wasted July 13, 1979,
Coney Island, New York City
  • Rogues

  • Luther was the leader of the Rogues around the time of the meeting; Luther was best known for killing Cyrus, the leader of the Gramercy Riffs, the largest gang in New York City.

    Luther was a deranged and irresponsible gang leader, who once killed a cop in Pelham to instigate a gang curfew. When Cyrus and the Riffs called a conclave of all the gangs in New York, Luther and the Rogues were invited to the meeting. At the meeting, Luther was passed a handgun by his fellow gang members, before shooting and killing Cyrus.


    [edit] Biography

    [edit] Early life

    Little is known about Luther's early life, except that at some point he became the leader of the Rogues, a gang based in Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan.[1]

    [edit] Riverside blackout

    See also: Blackout

    On April 30, 1979, a blackout occurred in Riverside, and a riot including civilians and gang members subsequently occurred. The Rogues were one of the gangs involved in the riots; Luther became separated from the rest of the rioters, along with fellow gang members Tommy and Patches. Luther, Tommy and Patches were then confronted by the Riverside-based gang the Baseball Furies; Luther was able to escape from the Baseball Furies, although Tommy and Patches were wasted by the Furies.[2]

    Luther then met up with the rest of the Rogues; when his second-in-command Cropsey asked Luther where Tommy and Patches were, Luther responded nonchalantly, saying that they been annoying him recently.[2]

    [edit] Gang curfew in Pelham

    See also: Boys In Blue

    On June 30, Luther and the Rogues killed a cop in Pelham, which led to a gang curfew coming into effect. The Rogues were able to avoid retribution for the killing, as they left Pelham before the gang curfew occurred.[3]

    [edit] The meeting, subsequent events and death

    See also: The Warriors (film), All-City, Desperate Dudes, No Permits, No Parley, Home Run, Come Out To Play, the meeting

    When Cyrus and the Gramercy Riffs called a conclave of all of New York City's gangs, Luther and the Rogues were invited to the meeting in Van Cortlandt Park, the Bronx.[4] At the meeting, Cyrus outlined his vision of all of New York's gangs coming together under a general truce and unifying as one gang to take control of New York. However, during the meeting, the Rogues passed a handgun to Luther, which he used to shoot and kill Cyrus. Fox, a member of the Coney Island-based gang The Warriors, saw Luther commit the murder, and so Luther decided to blame Cyrus' death on The Warriors; this led to the death of The Warriors Warlord Cleon at the hands of the Riffs.[1][5]

    Masai, the new leader of the Riffs, ordered the remaining members of The Warriors be caught by New York's gangs; Luther and the Rogues tracked The Warriors as they returned to Coney.[6][7] In Coney, Luther and the Rogues confronted the remaining members of The Warriors; by the beach, Luther taunted The Warriors until they made their way onto the beach. On the beach, The Warriors' new Warlord Swan asked Luther why he had killed Cyrus; when Luther replied that there was no reason, Swan challenged him to a battle. However, Luther instead drew out his handgun; he attempted to shoot Swan, but Swan was quick to dodge and throw a knife into Luther's wrist to disable him.[1][8]

    Masai and the Riffs then appeared, aware that it was Luther who killed Cyrus. Masai and the Riffs allowed The Warriors to leave the beach, before advancing on the Rogues as Luther cried out; Luther and the Rogues were wasted by the large group of Riffs.[1][8]

    [edit] Personality and traits

    Luther was the leader of the Rogues, a gang hailing from Hell's Kitchen in Manhattan. Luther was a deranged and irresponsible gang leader, who instigated chaos. As well as killing a cop and causing a gang curfew in Pelham, Luther was also responsible for killing Cyrus at the meeting; the latter of which he claimed he did for no reason.[1][9]

    [edit] Behind the scenes

    Luther first appeared in the 1979 film The Warriors,[1] in which he was portrayed by American actor David Patrick Kelly.[10] Luther can also be seen in the 2005 video game The Warriors,[9] in which he is voiced by American voice actor Oliver Wyman.[11]

    [edit] Appearances

    [edit] References

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