Home Run

Home Run
Ajax prepares to battle one of the Baseball Furies.
Level 16
Preceded by No Permits, No Parley
Succeeded by Friendly Faces
Warlord Swan/Ajax
Warchief Snow/Cowboy

"Home Run" is the sixteenth level of The Warriors (video game). The level follows The Warriors in Riverside, as they battle the Baseball Furies


[edit] Level summary

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The Warriors are shown waiting at the 96th Street Station, although when the cops appear, The Warriors must split up in an attempt to escape from them. In the ensuing chaos, Fox is thrown in front of a train by a cop, while the trio of Vermin, Cochise and Rembrandt are able to escape from the cops by boarding a train heading to Union Square. Swan, Snow, Ajax and Cowboy attempt to escape from the cops by leaving the train station and coming out on the street in Riverside. However, there they encounter the Baseball Furies, who chase The Warriors into Riverside Park.

In the park, Ajax briefly battles the Furies alone, although Swan and Snow soon arrive and aid Ajax and Cowboy in defeating the large group of Furies. The Warriors then attempt to make their way to the next train station, but they come across the Furies' leader Cobb in the Rotunda. The Warriors are able to overcome Cobb and the remaining Furies and continue on through the park, where they come across Chloe. Ajax abandons The Warriors to sit with Chloe, although he is then arrested for sexual assault on the woman. Snow and Cowboy return to check on Ajax, but are powerless to do anything as he is placed into a police car.

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"Home Run" has a high score goal of 2000. Reaching this goal unlocks one soldier and one arena for use in Rumble Mode.

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