Heavy Muscle

Heavy Muscle
Snow and Ajax after joining The Warriors
Level C
Preceded by The Best
Succeeded by Scout's Honor
Warlord Ajax
Warchief Snow

"Heavy Muscle" is the third flashback level in The Warriors (video game). The level explains follows Ajax and Snow shortly after they join The Warriors, as they venture into East Coney Island to retrieve their vests after they are stolen by Destroyers.


[edit] Level summary

It is the final part of Ajax and Snow's initiation into The Warriors. After surviving the beating given to them by number of existing members of The Warriors in the Fight Pen, Ajax and Snow earn their place in The Warriors. After the initiation, Warlord Cleon invites Ajax and Cleon to a party, although they decline because Ajax is meeting up with a girl in East Coney Island, the territory of the Destroyers. However, shortly after Ajax and Snow meet up with Rosie, they are ambushed by the Destroyers and their vests are stolen.

Ajax and Snow make their way deep into East Coney and are able to locate the Destroyers lieutenant Beansie, who informs them that fellow lieutenants LC and Lemmy have their vests. Ajax and Snow make their way into Shantytown, where they find and defeat Lemmy to retake Snow's vest. Ajax and Snow then make their way through a pawn shop to gain access to LC's apartment; there they find LC and his companion Lafonda, who is wearing Ajax's vest. After beating down LC, Ajax fornicates with Lafonda and retrieves his vest from her; after this, Ajax and Snow leave LC's apartment. However, as they leave they attract the attention of the Destroyers, and are chased by a large group of gang members to the boardwalk. Arriving at the boardwalk, Ajax and Snow find reinforcements in the form of Cleon and a large group of The Warriors. The Destroyers back down from The Warriors, although Ajax and Snow are then scolded by Cleon for causing trouble on their first night as members of the gang.

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[edit] Behind the scenes

"Heavy Muscle" has a high score goal of 7000. Reaching this goal unlocks 13 soldiers and one arena for use in Rumble Mode.

Although Cochise is seen as a member of The Warriors in "Heavy Muscle", he did not join the gang until several months following the events depicted in the level, as seen in the flashback level "Sharp Dressed Man".

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