Garrison on a stakeout in Coney Island.
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair colour Dark brown
Biographical information
  • Cops

  • Garrison was one of the cops in New York City around the time of the meeting.

    Garrison was a detective, who worked alongside his older partner Harrison. Shortly after Garrison graduated from the police academy, he went on a stakeout in East Coney Island with Harrison. Later, Garrison and Harrison arrested two corrupts cops while they were in Bensonhurst.


    [edit] Biography

    [edit] Early life

    Little is known about Garrison's early life. At some point, he became one of New York City's cops, and eventually became a detective.[1]

    [edit] Stakeout in Coney Island

    See also: Roots

    On April 16, 1978, Garrison and his partner Harrison held a stakeout in East Coney Island in Brooklyn. They were carrying out surveillance on LC, a high-ranking member of the street gang the Destroyers; however, the stakeout had to be ended as two other members of the gang caused mayhem on the streets of Coney, which led to Garrison, Harrison and their cops having to return to the police precinct.[2]

    [edit] Making arrests in Bensonhurst

    See also: Set Up

    On July 3, 1979, Garrison and Harrison were in Bensonhurst when Judas and his partner were arresting Knox, the leader of the Jones Street Boys street gang. When Garrison and Harrison overheard Knox talking to the corrupt cops about their recent deals, Harrison ordered Judas to open the trunk of his cop car. Inside the cop car, Garrison and Harrison found many stolen items, and they subsequently arrested Judas and his partner.[3]

    [edit] Personality and traits

    Garrison was one of the cops in New York City around the time of the meeting. Although Garrison was a detective, he sometimes showed his lack of experience; he was criticised by his older and more experienced partner Harrison at least once while on duty.[1]

    [edit] Behind the scenes

    Garrison first appeared in the 2005 video game The Warriors, as he was created for the game. In the video game, Harrison was voiced by American actor Steve Hamm.[4]

    [edit] Appearances

    [edit] References

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