Friendly Faces

Friendly Faces
The Warriors prior to battling the Punks.
Level 17
Preceded by Home Run
Succeeded by Come Out To Play
Warlord Rembrandt/Swan
Warchief Vermin/Snow

"Friendly Faces" is the seventeenth level of The Warriors (video game). The level follows The Warriors after they arrive in Union Square and their subsequent encounters with the Lizzies and the Punks.


[edit] Level summary

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After being separated from the rest of The Warriors, Rembrandt, Vermin and Cochise arrive at Union Square and immediately come across the all-female gang the Lizzies. The Lizzies seduce The Warriors and take them to their hangout, where they have a brief party. However, the party is interrupted when the Lizzies draw out handguns and knives in an attempt to kill The Warriors in retribution for Cyrus' murder. The Warriors are able to escape, and outside of the Lizzies' hangout, Rembrandt explains that the Lizzies believe they shot Cyrus and all of New York City's gangs must be searching for them. The trio make their way back to Union Square to regroup with the rest of The Warriors.

Warlord Swan is making his way through the station when Mercy approaches him. After a brief conversation Swan leaves her behind, although she follows him and later points out to him that he is being followed by Vance and the Punks. Swan is already aware of this, and when the rest of The Warriors arrive, Swan leads them into the nearby subway bathroom. There, The Warriors ambush the Punks and are eventually able to defeat them, before they board the train back to Coney Island.

A cutscene then shows one of the Gramercy Riffs' introducing Masai to a gang member who says he really saw who shot Cyrus. Meanwhile, as The Warriors make their way back to Coney, they come across two prom couples; the couples leave a short time later, after seeing the beaten condition of Swan and Mercy and becoming uncomfortable.

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"Friendly Faces" has a high score goal of 2000. Reaching this goal unlocks 13 soldiers and one arena for use in Rumble Mode.

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