The Warriors face Chatterbox and the Hi-Hats.
Level 8
Preceded by Adios Amigo
Succeeded by Payin' The Cost
Warlord Cleon
Warchief Ajax

"Encore" is the eighth level of The Warriors (video game). The level follows The Warriors as they confront the Hi-Hats in Coney Island's Amusement Park.


[edit] Level summary

Cleon, Ajax, Snow and Rembrandt are in The Warriors's hangout when a skull comes crashing through one of the hangout's windows. Looking out of the window, The Warriors see that Chatterbox and the Hi-Hats are responsible for the attack. Cleon says that it is time that he dealt with Chatterbox and his gang personally.

The Warriors make their way to the Coney Amusement Park, meeting up with Swan, Vermin, Cowboy and Fox along the way. Upon their arrival at the amusement park, Chatterbox remarks that The Warriors will regret trashing his gallery, before ordering a large group of Hi-Hats to attack The Warriors. After The Warriors defeat the Hi-Hats, Chatterbox retreats inside an amusement ride.

Cleon orders Swan, Ajax and Snow to accompany him as him pursues Chatterbox inside the attraction. After they defeat a small group of Hi-Hats, Cleon turns on a switch that activates a ride, and The Warriors must outrun the ride's carts on the tracks. After escaping from the carts, The Warriors defeat another group of Hi-Hats, before facing off against Chatterbox and his lieutenants. First, The Warriors must defeat Chatterbox's second-in-command Crackerjack and his other lieutenants, before they battle Chatterbox. After a prolonged battle, The Warriors are eventually able to waste Chatterbox, bringing an end to the feud.

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[edit] Behind the scenes

"Encore" has a high score goal of 2000. Reaching this goal unlocks two soldiers and one arena for use in Rumble Mode.

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