The logo of the Destroyers.
General information
  • Virgil
  • Notable members Chase, Skooly, Devon, Crusty, Bull, Gnat, Maggot, Mainline
    Territory Coney Island, Brooklyn
    (originally all; later just East Coney.)
    Founding Sometime before April 16, 1978
    Dissolution June 21, 1979
    Rivals The Warriors

    The Destroyers were a gang operating out of Coney Island prior to the meeting, who had an ongoing rivalry with The Warriors.

    The Destroyers were led by the violent drunk Virgil, and originally held all of Coney Island as their territory. However, when Virgil's right-hand man Cleon left the gang to found The Warriors, the Destroyers' territory was reduced to just East Coney.

    On June 21, 1979, as part of the ongoing rivalry between the Coney Island gangs, the Destroyers invaded The Warriors' side of Coney, destroying the stores and explaining to the shopkeepers that they were to start paying protection money to the Destroyers. When the Destroyers killed Ash, a young member of The Warriors, and attempted to kill Cleon and Warchief Swan, The Warriors sought revenge. The Warriors invaded East Coney, wrecking the Destroyers' stores, sabotaging their operations and wasting their officers. Virgil was then wasted by Cleon and Vermin, two former Destroyers and the co-founders of The Warriors, bringing an end to the Destroyers.

    [edit] Appearances

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