Cleon and Vermin stand above Virgil.
Level 10
Preceded by Payin' The Cost
Succeeded by Boys In Blue
Warlord Cleon
Warchief Vermin

"Destroyed" is the tenth level of The Warriors (video game). The level follows Warlord Cleon as he leads The Warriors to East Coney Island in an effort to end rival gang the Destroyers.


[edit] Level summary

Following the events of "Payin' The Cost", Warlord Cleon leads The Warriors to East Coney Island to end rival gang the Destroyers. Upon their arrival in East Coney, The Warriors split up into Warparties, with Cleon leading Vermin, Snow and Ajax through one of East Coney's main streets and adjoining back-alley. The Warparty wrecks two stores under Destroyers protection and wastes several groups of Destroyers, before making their way into the back-alleys, where they begin to sabotage the Destroyers' operations: the Warparty wastes pimp Filmore and his prostitutes, before damaging the Destroyers' stolen goods and then wrecking their casino pit.

A cutscene then shows Destroyers leader Virgil being informed of The Warriors' mayhem, before he assaults Beansie, one of his lieutenants. Virgil orders his Destroyers officers to defend East Coney, though they are soon wasted by The Warriors too. Back at the Destroyers' hangout, Virgil tells his lieutenants to prepare to defend the hangout from The Warriors. He then tells LC, one of his lieutenants, that he's going to the Shack; LC wishes to go with him, but Virgil tells him to stay and fight.

The Warriors then storm the Destroyers' hangout, defeating Lemmy and a number of Destroyers in the courtyard, before breaking into the hangout and wasting all of the Destroyers in there. However, after wasting all of the Destroyers, The Warriors realise that Virgil is not in the hangout. Cleon and Vermin then stealthily pursue LC to the Shack, where they knock out LC and then confront Virgil inside. The Shack is soon set alight by Virgil's use of Molotov cocktails, and among the flames Cleon and Vermin are able to defeat Virgil and knock him to the ground. After a brief exchange between Cleon and Virgil, Cleon throws a Molotov cocktail at the defeated Virgil, before he and Vermin leave the burning Shack.

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[edit] Behind the scenes

"Destroyed" has a high score goal of 8000. Reaching this goal unlocks four soldiers and one arena for use in Rumble Mode.

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