Desperate Dudes

Desperate Dudes
The Warriors take cover from the Turnbull AC's.
Level 14
Preceded by All-City
Succeeded by No Permits, No Parley
Warlord Swan
Warchief Snow

"Desperate Dudes" is the fourteenth level of The Warriors (video game). The level follows The Warriors in Gunhill as they attempt to escape from the Turnbull AC's following the meeting.


[edit] Level summary

See also: the meeting, the plot of the film

The Warriors make their way to the meeting at Van Cortlandt Park, after being invited by Cyrus and the Riffs. At the conclave, Cyrus discusses his idea of bringing all of the gangs in New York City, and although it is generally well-received by the gangs in attendance, Cyrus is then shot and killed by Luther, the leader of the Rogues. The meeting is then interrupted by a large number of cops, and in the chaos Warlord Cleon is killed by the Riffs after The Warriors are blamed for murdering Cyrus.

The remaining eight members of The Warriors are able escape to a nearby cemetery, where Ajax briefly challenges Swan for the role of Warlord; however, Ajax gives up when the rest of The Warriors support Swan. When the gang then attempts to leave the cemetery, they run into a group of cops and are separated. A cutscene then occurs, which shows the Riffs' new leader Masai demanding The Warriors be caught; a message which is then relayed by the D.J. to the various gangs in New York.

Swan and Snow are then shown after being separated from the rest of The Warriors. Snow notes a nearby gang tag, which bears the mark of the Turnbull AC's. Swan and Snow must make their way through the Turnbull's territory of Gunhill, saving both Ajax and Vermin from the enemy gang. Eventually, the four are able to regroup with the rest of The Warriors and defeat a large group of Turnbulls, before they must outrun a bus driven by the Turnbulls. After this, The Warriors take cover and watch as the Turnbull AC's patrol the streets. The Warriors must leave their cover and outrun the bus again, before reaching the subway and boarding their train that they hope will return them to Coney Island.

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"Desperate Dudes" has a high score goal of 7000. Reaching this goal unlocks 18 soldiers and one arena for use in Rumble Mode.

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