Cyrus gives his speech at the meeting.
Physical description
Gender Male
Eye colour Dark brown
Hair colour Black
Biographical information
Wasted July 12, 1979,
Van Cortlandt Park, New York City
  • Riffs

  • Cyrus was the leader of the Gramercy Riffs around the time of the meeting.

    Cyrus was a poetic revolutionary, who envisioned New York City being ruled by one unified gang, made up of members of all of the individual gangs in the city. Cyrus' vision almost became a reality, as on July 12, 1979, the Riffs hosted a conclave in Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx. Cyrus invited all of the gangs on the Riffs' network to the conclave, under the premise of a general truce.

    At the meeting, Cyrus outlined his vision, which was well-received by the gang members in attendance. However Luther, the leader of the Rogues, shot and killed Cyrus as he gave his speech. The blame for Cyrus' death was wrongfully placed on the Coney Island-based gang The Warriors; Masai, Cyrus' second-in-command, then took control of the Riffs and sent out a request to the gangs in New York to capture or waste The Warriors. However, Masai was later informed that it was in fact the Rogues that killed Cyrus, leading to Masai and the Riffs avenging Cyrus, as they wasted the Rogues on Coney beach.


    [edit] Biography

    [edit] Early life

    Little is known about Cyrus' early life, except that at some point he joined the Riffs, a New York City street gang based in Gramercy, Manhattan. Cyrus eventually rose to be the leader of the Riffs, and one of the most powerful gangland figures in New York.[1]

    [edit] Conceiving his vision

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    On April 14, 1979, Cyrus' idea of a unified gang ruling New York was conceived. In Van Cortlandt Park, Cyrus asked his second-in-command Masai what he saw before him. When Masai replied that he saw territory belonging to the Van Cortlandt Rangers, Cyrus spoke of the possibilities that opened up when battles for territory where disregarded.[2]

    Cyrus' continued planning his vision over the following months. On June 4, Cyrus outlined his idea of a conclave to Masai, inviting all gangs on the Riffs' network under the premise of a truce. When Masai attempted to warn Cyrus of the possible dangers that he faced, Cyrus responded that he did not need warning, because he had faith.[3]

    [edit] Maintaining the peace

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    For Cyrus' conclave to become a reality, he needed to maintain peace between the gangs in New York. An example of this came on June 30. In Pelham, a Turnbull AC's lieutenant named Birdie was wasted by the Coney Island-based gang The Warriors, who were not on the Riffs' network. The Turnbulls asked the Riffs to allow them retribution, but this was denied by Cyrus, who realised the need for peace in the city. Furthermore, Cyrus asked a member of the Riffs to track The Warriors' movement, as he claimed they could become useful.[4]

    [edit] Sending the invitation

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    On July 10, Cyrus ordered Masai and members of the Riffs to deliver an invitation to the meeting to all gangs on the Riffs' network. As well as the invitation, the Riffs also outlined their plan for a general truce, which involved no weapons being brought to the conclave. Among the gangs invited by Cyrus, Masai and the Riffs were the Boppers, Hi-Hats, Hurricanes, Jones Street Boys, Moonrunners, Rogues, Saracens, Savage Huns and Van Cortlandt Rangers.[5]

    [edit] The meeting and death

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    On the night of July 12, the meeting went ahead as planned in Van Cortlandt Park, the Bronx. All gangs on the Riffs' network attended, each represented by nine delegates. At the conclave, Cyrus discussed how petty the gang battles for territory were, and spoke of the possibilities if all of the gangs present unified under a general truce and became one gang that could rule New York. The majority of gang members in attendance supported Cyrus, consistently cheering as his speech progressed. However, Luther, the leader of the Rogues, defied Cyrus' truce and brought a handgun to the meeting, which he then used to shoot and kill Cyrus.[1][6]

    Cyrus' blame was wrongfully placed on The Warriors, which led to Masai requesting all gangs in New York search for them. The Warriors were able to battle past several gangs and return to their territory in Coney. There, they were confronted by the Luther and the Rogues; however, Masai and a large group of Riffs then appeared, now aware that Luther killed Cyrus. Masai allowed The Warriors safe passage past the Riffs, before he and the Riffs advanced on the Rogues and wasted them, avenging Cyrus.[1][7]

    [edit] Personality and traits

    Cyrus was the president of the Gramercy Riffs around the time of the meeting. As the leader of the largest gang in New York City, Cyrus was one of the most powerful people in New York at the time; he was well-respected by other gangland figures, and was a popular leader. Cyrus was a poetic revolutionary, who envisioned all New York gangs unifying as one large gang under a truce and ruling the city. Cyrus was able to make his vision a reality as he arranged the meeting, and seemed to speak to many of the gang members there; however, his death meant that his idea never came to fruition. Cyrus was against violence and promoted peace, even among violent street gangs; however, he was also a capable Martial Artist, and sometimes trained his fellow Riffs.[1][8]

    [edit] Behind the scenes

    Cyrus first appeared in the 1979 film The Warriors, in which he was portrayed by American actor Roger Hill.[9] Cyrus can also be seen in the 2005 video game The Warriors, which further investigates his motives behind the meeting and his vision of one unified gang ruling New York City.[8] In the video game, Cyrus is voiced by Michael Potts,[10] as Hill declined to reprise his role as Cyrus. This led to some controversy, as Hill later sued the distributor of the game for using his likeness and the character of Cyrus. The publisher replied that they owned a valid third-party license to use Hill's likeness in the game.[11]

    Cyrus closely resembles Ismael Rivera, who in the 1965 novel The Warriors is the leader of the Delancey Thrones, the largest gang in New York City, and calls an assembly of the gangs in the city.[12] The Thrones were later adapted to become the Gramercy Riffs in the film and subsequent spin-offs.

    [edit] Appearances

    [edit] References

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