Cowboy laughs at a remark made by Vermin.
Physical description
Gender Male
Eye colour Dark brown
Hair colour Dark brown
Biographical information
Born September 22 1956
  • Destroyers (formerly)
  • The Warriors

  • Cowboy was a member of The Warriors, and one of the nine delegates chosen to represent the gang at the meeting.

    Cowboy was formerly a member of the Destroyers, but after leaving the gang with Swan, went on to become one of The Warriors' earliest members, joining the gang shortly after it was founded by Cleon and Vermin, two more former Destroyers.

    Cowboy was able to establish himself as a prominent member of The Warriors, and was chosen by Cleon to be one of the nine delegates to represent the gang at the conclave held by Cyrus and the Gramercy Riffs in Van Cortlandt Park. At the meeting, Cyrus was murdered and The Warriors were wrongfully accused of the killing, which meant that they had to battle their way home to Coney Island. Although Cowboy was defeated when The Warriors battled the Baseball Furies in Riverside, he later helped The Warriors defeat the Punks in a subway bathroom and was ultimately one of the six members that returned to Coney, from the original nine sent to the meeting.


    [edit] Biography

    [edit] Early life

    Little is known about Cowboy's early life. However, it is known that at some point he joined the Destroyers, a gang based in Coney Island, New York City. Sometime before April 16, 1978, Cowboy left the Destroyers with Swan.[1]

    [edit] Joining The Warriors

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    Cowboy with The Warriors.

    On May 6, Cowboy and Swan were at a King of the Hill contest in Gunhill, when they came across Cleon and Vermin, two former members of the Destroyers. Cowboy and Swan went on to win the contest, defeating gangs such as the Electric Eliminators, Moonrunners, and The Warriors, the new gang formed by Cleon and Vermin.[1]

    Following Cowboy and Swan's victory, Cleon invited them to join The Warriors. However, before Cowboy and Swan could join The Warriors, they were faced with the initiation task of destroying the stores under the Destroyers' protection, and making the shopkeepers aware that they were to start paying protection money to The Warriors. After Cowboy and Swan completed their initiation, they helped Cleon and Vermin take control of a building used by LC, a Destroyers lieutenant; this building was then used by The Warriors as their hangout.[1]

    Cowboy was later present at the initiation of Ajax and Snow,[2] and Cochise.[3]

    [edit] Battles with the Destroyers

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    On April 13, 1979, Rembrandt joined The Warriors.[4] On the same night, The Warriors came under attack from the Destroyers and the local cops. Cowboy and Snow found themselves facing a group of cops; they were able to defeat two cops, but were then knocked down and arrested by the remaining cops. However, Cowboy and Snow weren't handcuffed for long, as Cleon and several other members of The Warriors arrived to free them. Cowboy and the rest of The Warriors continued through Coney, rescuing Fox before destroying a cop car and looting a pharmacy. Cowboy and The Warriors then found Swan and Cochise battling a large group of Destroyers. Cowboy and The Warriors joined the battle, and The Warriors were eventually able to defeat the group of Destroyers. However, when The Warriors returned to their hangout, they found that the Destroyers had tagged the side of the building.[5]

    In retribution, Cleon ordered a Warparty consisting of Cowboy, Rembrandt, Ajax and Vermin to go into East Coney and cross out any Destroyers tags. The Warparty made their way through East Coney, looting several stores and defeating groups of Destroyers, while Rembrandt crossed out numerous Destroyers tags. The Warparty later made their way to the Destroyers' hangout, and persuaded Rembrandt to cross out the Destroyers burner that could be found there. Cowboy and Vermin watched over Rembrandt as he crossed out the burner, before the trio regrouped with Ajax and returned to The Warriors' territory in West Coney.[6]

    [edit] War with the Hi-Hats

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    Cowboy in SoHo.

    On May 20, Rembrandt entered The Warriors into the "SoHo Writer's Showdown", and Cowboy was sent as part of the Warparty that were to accompany and protect Rembrandt during the contest. Cowboy, Snow and Ajax protected Rembrandt as he competed against artists from gangs such as the Panzers, Electric Eliminators and Moonrunners. Eventually, Rembrandt was able to win the contest; however, as Scopes announced The Warriors' victory, he was thrown from the top of a scaffold by members of the SoHo-based gang the Hi-Hats. Chatterbox, the leader of the Hi-Hats, then appeared, ordering a large group of Hi-Hats to attack the gangs present. Cowboy and the Warparty were able to escape to the SoHo Rooftops, before they threw projectiles at the scaffolding above Chatterbox and knocked Chatterbox to the courtyard below. Cowboy and the Warparty were then chased across the Rooftops by a large group of Hi-Hats; however, the Warparty was able to escape into Chatterbox's gallery, which they then destroyed. When Chatterbox later returned to his gallery and saw the destruction, he vowed revenge on The Warriors.[7]

    Cowboy faces the Hi-Hats.

    On June 4, the Hi-Hats took their revenge, as they attacked The Warriors' hangout. Cowboy and Fox met up with Cleon and other members of The Warriors, before they confronted Chatterbox and the Hi-Hats at the Coney Amusement Park. Chatterbox ordered a large group of Hi-Hats to attack Cowboy and The Warriors, although The Warriors were able to defeat them. Chatterbox retreated inside one of the Amusement Park's attractions, where he was then killed by Cleon and several other members of The Warriors.[8]

    [edit] Ending the Destroyers

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    On June 21, the Destroyers killed Ash, one of The Warriors' New Bloods, and attempted to kill Cleon and Swan.[9] In retaliation, Cowboy and The Warriors invaded the Destroyers' territory in East Coney. Cowboy was part of a Warparty that caused destruction on the streets of East Coney, before the Warparties came together to attack the Destroyers' hangout, while Cleon and Vermin killed Virgil, the leader of the Destroyers.[10]

    [edit] Gang curfew in Pelham

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    On June 30, Fox and Snow were scouting in Pelham when a cop was killed, which led to a gang curfew coming into effect. Cleon sent a Warparty consisting of Cowboy, Cochise and Vermin to Pelham to find Fox and Snow and ensure they weren't wasted or arrested during the curfew.[11]

    Upon their arrival, Cowboy and the Warparty found that Pelham's subway station had been closed by the cops, so they had to throw several members of the Turnbull AC's off the Subway Platform and in front of an oncoming train in order to get the cops' attention. After the cops opened the subway station, Cowboy and the Warparty made their way past the rioting Turnbull AC's and Jones Street Boys to get to the gambling club owned by the Gramercy Riffs. After Cowboy and the Warparty paid one of the Riffs with items looted from the nearby store, they were informed that the cops had raided the gambling club as part of the gang curfew; Fox and Snow were among the gang members that fled to the Red Devil when the cops arrived. Furthermore, the Riff suggested that the Warparty make their way through the sewer system in order to find Fox and Snow.[11]

    Cowboy and the Warparty collected bolt cutters from a nearby store, before making their way into the sewers. The Warparty recruited the help of several local hobos to help them defeat a group of Turnbull AC's, before they continued on through the sewers and overheard a wheelchair-bound Turnbull AC's lieutenant named Birdie talking about two gang members he had wrecked. Shortly after this, Cowboy and the Warparty came across Fox and Snow, who had been wrecked by Birdie and a group of Turnbull AC's. After Fox and Snow were revived, Cowboy escorted them back to Coney, and Ajax and a group of New Bloods were sent to Pelham to help Cochise and Vermin waste Birdie.[11]

    [edit] Framing the Jones Street Boys

    See also: Set Up

    Cowboy meets the Saracens.

    On July 3, Cowboy and Cochise were sent to Bensonhurst by Cleon, who had been speaking with the Bensonhurst-based gang the Saracens. Upon their arrival in Bensonhurst, Cowboy and Cochise met with the leader of the Saracens, Edge. Edge explained that the Jones Street Boys and some local corrupt cops had been working together to cause problems for the Saracens, and Edge wished to get revenge on the Jones Street Boys and cops. Cowboy and Cochise were told to frame the Jones Street Boys and cops with loot from local stores; if they were able to complete the mission, the Saracens would attempt to get The Warriors on the Riffs' network before the meeting.[12]

    Cowboy and Cochise made their way around Bensonhurst, looting several stores and stealing several car radios. Once they had enough loot, Cowboy and Cochise planted some of it in the corrupt cops' car, before they planted the rest in the Jones Street Boys' hangout. After this, Cowboy and Cochise approached Judas and his partner, two of the corrupt cops working with the Jones Street Boys, and falsely accused the Jones Street Boys of selling loot from their hangout. The cops, annoyed that the Jones Street Boys had seemingly been leaving them out of their deals, then arrested Knox, the leader of the gang. However, as the cops arrested him, they were approached by the detectives Harrison and Garrison. The detectives ordered Judas to open the trunk of the car, which revealed the planted loot and led to the cops being arrested by the detectives. Cowboy and Cochise then met with Edge, who was satisfied with what Cowboy and Cochise had done and agreed to get The Warriors onto the Riffs' network.[12]

    [edit] The meeting

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    Cowboy in Gunhill.

    The work carried out by Cowboy and Cochise meant that they were invited to the meeting held by Cyrus and the Riffs in Van Cortlandt Park, the Bronx; Cowboy was chosen by Cleon as one of the nine delegates to represent the gang at the conclave. At the meeting, Cowboy stood by Ajax as Cyrus outlined his vision of one gang taking control of New York. Cowboy was very receptive of the idea, and his cheering drew a disgusted look from Ajax. However, during his speech, Cyrus was shot and killed by Luther, the leader of the Rogues. A large group of cops then stormed the meeting, and although Cowboy and The Warriors were able to escape into a nearby cemetery, Cleon was killed by the Riffs after The Warriors were blamed for Cyrus' death. After Ajax briefly challenged Swan for control of the gang, The Warriors made their way into Gunhill, where they had to escape from the Turnbull AC's in their converted bus. Cowboy and The Warriors were able to escape from the Turnbulls and their bus and reach the train,[13] but their train was later stopped in Tremont.[14][15]

    In Tremont, Cowboy watched as Swan and Fox attempted to parley safe passage past the Orphans. However, these talks broke down when Mercy, the girlfriend of the Orphans' leader Sully, began taunting Sully. Sully asked The Warriors to remove their vests, but they refused and instead decided to walk through Tremont. Cowboy and The Warriors were followed by Mercy, and when the gang stopped to confront her, the Orphans attempted to ambush The Warriors. Cowboy and The Warriors were able to escape with Mercy when Swan threw a Molotov cocktail at a nearby car, with the ensuing explosion distracting the Orphans.[14][15]

    Cowboy and The Warriors made their way to 96th Street Station, where they were separated by a group of cops. Cowboy was able to escape from the cops by exiting the station with Swan, Ajax and Snow; however, the foursome was then confronted by the Riverside-based gang, the Baseball Furies, who chased them to Riverside Park. In the park, the group split up as Swan and Snow hung back, while Cowboy and Ajax continued to be chased by the Furies. As the chase progressed, Cowboy became unable to run any further, so he and Ajax stopped to confront the Furies; however, Cowboy was knocked down by the first member of the Furies that he faced, and was only revived after Ajax, Swan and Snow had defeated the rest of the Furies.[14][16]

    Cowboy at Union Square.

    After the battle, the foursome attempted to make their way to Union Square, although as they advanced through the park they came across a woman, Chloe, sat on a park bench. Ajax was keen to sit down with Chloe, and despite the protests of Cowboy, Swan and Snow, Ajax left them to sit down with the woman. Cowboy, Swan and Snow continued on for some time, but as they reached Union Square, Cowboy and Snow turned back and went to watch over Ajax; however, they found him being arrested, as he had sexually assaulted the woman, who turned out to be an undercover cop.[16] Unable to help Ajax, Cowboy and Snow retreated and made their way to Union Square, where they met up with Cochise, Vermin and Rembrandt. Shortly after this, Cowboy and his fellow gang members reunited with Swan, who was with Mercy, and had been pursued by the Punks through the station. Cowboy and his fellow gang members were ordered into a nearby Subway Bathroom by Swan; there, The Warriors ambushed the Punks, and were able to defeat the Bowery-based gang in the ensuing battle.[14][17]

    Cowboy in Coney Island.

    Following their victory over the Punks, Cowboy and The Warriors returned to Coney Island, where they were almost immediately confronted by the Rogues. The Rogues chased Cowboy and The Warriors to the boardwalk next to Coney Island beach, where Luther began to taunt The Warriors. Cowboy and The Warriors were then led onto the beach by Swan, where they confronted Luther and the Rogues. With Cowboy and The Warriors watching on, Swan challenged Luther to a one-on-one battle; Luther refused, instead drawing out his handgun and threatening to kill The Warriors. However, as Luther fired, Swan was able to throw a switchblade into his wrist, disabling him. Masai and a large group of Riffs then appeared on the beach, aware that it was the Rogues who had killed Cyrus. Masai praised The Warriors, before allowing them safe passage past the Riffs; the Riffs then advanced on the Rogues amidst Luther's screams, looking to avenge Cyrus.[14][17]

    [edit] Personality and traits

    Cowboy was a prominent member of the Coney Island-based gang The Warriors, recognised from the Stetson cowboy hat that could almost always be found on his head. Cowboy was a happy-go-lucky member of The Warriors, amiable and someone who followed the crowd. Cowboy was lithe and quick, and excelled in skills such as lock picking; however, Cowboy's weaknesses included resisting arrest and mugging.[18][19]

    [edit] Behind the scenes

    Cowboy first appeared in the 1979 film The Warriors, in which he was portrayed by American actor Tom McKitterick.[20] Cowboy returned in the 2005 video game The Warriors, in which he was voiced by Kurt Bauccio.[21]

    [edit] Appearances

    [edit] References

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