Coney Island

Coney Island is a location featured in the 1979 film The Warriors and the 2005 video game The Warriors. Coney is beach and neighbourhood in the Brooklyn borough of New York City; it is the home of the street gang The Warriors, and was formerly the home of the Destroyers.


[edit] History

Coney Island is a neighbourhood in Brooklyn, New York City. It is renowned for being a holiday resort, with its beach and amusement parks reaching a peak of popularity during the first half of the 20th century.

[edit] Formation of the street gangs

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At an unknown time in history, sometime before April 16, 1978, the Destroyers were founded and adopted Coney as their territory. They were the sole gang in Coney until this date, which is when The Warriors were founded by former Destroyers Cleon and Vermin.[1] On May 6, The Warriors took control of the west side of Coney Island, as they took control of several stores under the protection of the Destroyers and adopted an old building as their hangout.[2]

[edit] The battle for Coney

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Following the formation of The Warriors, a battle between The Warriors and the Destroyers erupted for control of the whole of Coney Island. Following their initiation on June 15, Ajax and Snow ventured into East Coney, where they were ambushed and had their vests stolen by the Destroyers. Ajax and Snow were able to retrieve their vests from the Destroyers lieutenants, although as they left East Coney they attracted the attention of a large group of Destroyers. The Destroyers chased Ajax and Snow, but they retreated when the rest of The Warriors arrived to support Ajax and Snow.[3]

On April 13, 1979, The Warriors recruited an artist in Rembrandt. On the same night, The Warriors' hangout was attacked by a group of Destroyers. The Warriors left their hangout and made their way through Coney to confront a large group of Destroyers. The Warriors were able to defeat the Destroyers, but when they returned to their hangout, they found that the Destroyers had left their mark on the side of the building.[4] In retribution, Cleon ordered a Warparty to go to East Coney and cross out any Destroyers tags they found, including the large burner on the Destroyers' hangout.[5]

[edit] The Warriors battle the Hi-Hats

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On June 4, the SoHo-based gang the Hi-Hats attacked The Warriors' hangout, after four members of The Warriors destroyed the gallery of the Hi-Hats' leader, Chatterbox. The Warriors met the Hi-Hats in Coney Amusement Park; in the ensuing battle, The Warriors emerged victorious, which caused Chatterbox and his lieutenants to retreat inside one of the Amusement Park's attraction. Cleon and three other members of The Warriors pursued Chatterbox into the attraction, where they battled him and eventually killed him.[6]

[edit] The Destroyers are defeated

See also: Payin' The Cost, Destroyed

The Warriors defend Coney.

On June 21, the Destroyers attacked The Warriors' stores in West Coney. The Warriors were able to defend their stores, but Ash, a member of The Warriors, was killed at the Fish Market while on a scouting mission. When Cleon and Warchief Swan later searched for Ash at the Fish Market, Virgil and the Destroyers attempted to trap them and kill them using Molotov cocktails. Cleon and Swan were able to escape,[7] and launched a revenge attack on the Destroyers. The Warriors split up into Warparties and invaded East Coney, sabotaging the Destroyers' operations and wasting their officers. The Warriors then stormed the Destroyers' hangout, wasting everyone there, before Cleon and Vermin followed Destroyers' lieutenant LC to The Shack. Cleon and Vermin confronted Virgil in The Shack, and after a prolonged battle, killed him. The battle for Coney was ended, and The Warriors had emerged victorious.[8]

[edit] Confrontation on the beachfront

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The confrontation on the beach.

On the morning of July 13, The Warriors returned to Coney, having battling their way home from Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx after being falsely accused of murdering Cyrus, the leader of the Gramercy Riffs, at the meeting. Waiting for The Warriors in Coney was Luther and the Rogues, the true culprits behind Cyrus' murder. Luther taunted The Warriors for a short time, before The Warriors led the Rogues onto Coney Island beach. There, Luther pulled out his handgun on Swan and fired, although Swan was quick to dodge and throw a switchblade into his wrist, disabling him. The Riffs then arrived, now aware that the Rogues were behind Cyrus' murder; the new leader of the Riffs, Masai, allowed The Warriors safe passage off the beach, before the Riffs advanced on the Rogues.[9][10]

[edit] Locations

[edit] Coney Amusement Park

Main article: Coney Amusement Park

Coney Amusement Park is the largest amusement park in Coney Island, with numerous rides and attractions. In "Encore", the Amusement Park was the location of the battle between The Warriors and the Hi-Hats; the battle ended with The Warriors the victors, as the Hi-Hats' leader Chatterbox was killed. Coney Amusement Park is also available for use as an arena in the The Warriors (video game) Rumble Mode.

[edit] Fight Pen

Main article: Fight Pen

The Fight Pen is located next to The Warriors' hangout; it is an enclosed pen, surrounded by metal gates. Several members of The Warriors underwent part of their initiation into the gang in the Fight Pen, including Ajax, Snow, Rembrandt and Ash. The Fight Pen is also available for use as an arena in the game's Rumble Mode.

[edit] Hangout

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The Warriors' hangout is one of the most prominent locations in Coney. It is an abandoned warehouse; formerly used by the Destroyers lieutenant LC, it was taken over by The Warriors shortly after their formation, and was used as their main hangout after this.

[edit] Stores

Coney Island is also home to a number of stores; these were all formerly under the protection of the Destroyers, but shortly after The Warriors were formed, they took control of the stores.

[edit] Fish Market

Main article: Fish Market

The Fish Market is owned by Tony. In "Payin' The Cost", Ash is killed by Virgil and the Destroyers while at the Fish Market on a scouting mission. Warlord Cleon and Warchief Swan later arrived to search for Ash; after finding his dead body, they were ambushed by the Destroyers, who attempted to kill them with Molotov cocktails. However, Cleon and Swan were able to escape, and later launched a revenge attack on the Destroyers in East Coney.

[edit] Little Buddha

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The Little Buddha is a store that sells various goods; it is owned by the drug addict Twiggy.

[edit] Meat Market

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The Meat Market is owned by Stephano the butcher, who Swan described as "crazy".

[edit] Plumbing Store

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The Plumbing Store is owned by Charlie. It has been destroyed several times, by The Warriors and Destroyers.

[edit] Voodoo Motors

Main article: Voodoo Motors

Voodoo Motors is a car dealership owned by Skinny Pete.

[edit] Tack's Warehouse

Main article: Tack's Warehouse

Tack's Warehouse is a warehouse in East Coney. In "Roots", it is the location of a drug deal between the Destroyers and the Satans Mothers. When it is revealed that Cleon and Vermin have been set up by Virgil and are carrying fake drugs, the Mothers pursue the Destroyers through the warehouse complex, before Cleon and Vermin must battle the Mothers' co-leaders Spider and Tiny. Tack's Warehouse is also available for use as an arena in the game's Rumble Mode.

Virgil is defeated in The Shack.

[edit] The Shack

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The Shack is a building in East Coney, used as a hangout by Virgil. In "Destroyed", it was the location of the battle between Virgil, and Cleon and Vermin, which ended with Virgil being killed by the members of The Warriors. The Shack is also available for use as an arena in the game's Rumble Mode.

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[edit] Sources

[edit] References

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