Come Out To Play

Come Out To Play
The Warriors and the Rogues' encounter.
Level 18
Preceded by Friendly Faces
Warlord Swan
Warchief Snow

"Come Out To Play" is the eighteenth level of The Warriors (video game). The level follows The Warriors after they arrive back in Coney Island and face a final battle against Luther and the Rogues.


[edit] Level summary

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The Warriors arrive back in Coney Island, although they are immediately confronted by Luther and the Rogues, who chase The Warriors in their hearse. The Warriors are able to outrun the hearse, and regroup beneath the boardwalk near Coney's beach. The Rogues' hearse then pulls up and Luther taunts The Warriors for a brief time, before Warlord Swan leads The Warriors out onto the beach and Luther and the Rogues follow. Swan asks Luther why he wasted Cyrus, and when Luther replies that there was no reason, Swan challenges him to a one-on-one fight. Swan wins the fight, sending a battered and bruised Luther into cover. Luther draws his handgun and shoots at Swan and Warchief Snow, although The Warriors are able to weaken him by throwing glass bottles at him, before Swan disables him when he throws a switchblade into Luther's wrist.

Shortly after this, Masai and a large group of Gramercy Riffs appear, now aware that Luther is behind Cyrus' murder. Masai praises The Warriors, before allowing them safe passage past the Riffs on the beach. As The Warriors walk off, Masai and the Riffs swarm the Rogues and waste them.

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"Come Out To Play" has a high score goal of 2000. Reaching this goal unlocks 20 soldiers for use in Rumble Mode.

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