Cochise reflects on Cyrus' speech.
Physical description
Gender Male
Eye colour Dark brown
Hair colour Black
Biographical information
Born Harlem, New York City August 13 1957
  • The Warriors

  • Cochise was a member of The Warriors, and one of the nine members of the gang chosen to attend the meeting.

    Cochise grew up in Harlem, but when he moved to Brooklyn he wished to become a member of The Warriors. There were initially doubts about whether The Warriors needed any new members, but Cochise was welcomed into the gang when he was able to complete his initiation by travelling to Harlem with Snow and retrieve the hat belonging to the Boppers' leader Big Moe.

    After joining The Warriors, Cochise established himself as an important member of the gang. When The Warriors were invited to a meeting being held in The Bronx by Cyrus and the Riffs, Cochise was chosen by Warlord Cleon to be one of the nine delegates representing the gang at the conclave. When Cyrus was murdered at the meeting, The Warriors were falsely accused of killing him, which meant that they had to battle their way home to Coney Island. During their journey home, the gang became separated at 96th Street Station. Cochise, Vermin and Rembrandt were then seduced and almost killed by the all-female gang the Lizzies, although they were able to escape and regroup with the gang ahead of a fight in a subway bathroom against the Punks.

    Ultimately, Cochise was one of the six members of The Warriors who returned to Coney, from the nine who originally attended the meeting.


    [edit] Biography

    [edit] Early life

    Cochise was born and raised in Harlem, New York City. During 1978, Cochise and his mother moved to Brooklyn.[1]

    [edit] Joining The Warriors

    See also: Sharp Dressed Man

    On August 18, after Cochise moved to Brooklyn, he attempted to become a member of the Coney Island-based gang The Warriors. Existing members of the gang insisted that they needed no new members, and Vermin even suggested that Cochise join the Boppers. Warlord Cleon then set Cochise the initiation task of venturing into Harlem and retrieving a size nine hat from one of the Boppers; Snow was sent to accompany Cochise on HIS initiation.[1]

    Cochise with Big Moe's hat.

    Upon their arrival in Harlem, Cochise and Snow began defeating groups of Boppers in search of a hat. However, finding that no Boppers wore a size nine hat, they decided to investigate the Harlem clubs. Cochise and Snow first went to the Roman Disco, where they found Reggie, a Boppers lieutenant. After he was interrogated by Cochise and Snow, Reggie revealed that the leader of the Boppers was Big Moe; Cochise and Snow then made their way to The Pocket pool hall in search of Moe, although there they instead found Boxcar, another Boppers' lieutenant. Cochise and Snow interrogated Boxcar, who revealed that Big Moe could sometimes be found at a nearby strip club called The Black Cat. Cochise and Snow went to The Black Cat, where they paid Debbie, one of the performers, until she revealed that Moe was at a party at Club 45; furthermore, Debbie also gave them her ticket so that they could gain entry.[1]

    Cochise and Snow made their way to Club 45, where they confronted Big Moe. After a prolonged battle on the dance floor, Cochise and Snow were able to defeat Moe and take his size nine hat, which meant that Cochise was a member of The Warriors.[1]

    [edit] Battles with the Destroyers

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    Cochise faces the Destroyers.

    On April 13, 1979, The Warriors recruited an artist in Rembrandt. On the same night, The Warriors came under attack from their Coney rivals the Destroyers and the local cops. Cochise and Warchief Swan found themselves battling several Destroyers; although they were able to defeat the Destroyers, they were then confronted by a larger group of Destroyers. Cleon then arrived with several more members of The Warriors, and they were able to defeat the Destroyers. However, when The Warriors returned to their hangout, they found that the Destroyers had left a large tag on the side of it.[2]

    [edit] Collecting the debts from Sanchez

    See also: Adios Amigo

    On May 25, Cleon became aware of the release of Sanchez from prison; an affiliate of the Hurricanes and someone who owed The Warriors money. A Warparty consisting of Cochise, Ajax, Snow and Rembrandt was sent to East Harlem to collect Sanchez's debts.[3]

    Upon their arrival in East Harlem, the Warparty defeated several groups of Hurricanes as they made their way to the Stripes and Solids, the main hangout of the Hurricanes. In the Stripes and Solids The Warriors found Sanchez, although he was protected by a large group of Hurricanes. The Warriors were able to defeat the Hurricanes, although Sanchez was able to escape. The Warparty split up, and it was Cochise and Ajax who pursued Sanchez; Cochise and Ajax came close to catching Sanchez twice, although both times they had to battle groups of Hurricanes instead.[3]

    Cochise and Ajax eventually chased Sanchez into an old building, where they regrouped with Snow and Rembrandt. The Warparty made their way into the building, where they had to battle Diego, an extremely large affiliate of the Hurricanes, and his equally-large younger brother Vargas. The Warparty was able to defeat the two large brothers, before they followed Sanchez onto the roof. There, the Warparty collected the debts owed by Sanchez, before Ajax caused him to fall off the roof onto a car below.[3]

    [edit] Ending the Destroyers

    See also: Destroyed

    On June 21, as part of the ongoing rivalry between The Warriors and the Destroyers, the Destroyers killed Ash, one of The Warriors' New Bloods, and attempted to kill Cleon and Swan.[4] In retribution, The Warriors attacked the Destroyers in East Coney. Cochise was part of this attack; he was a member of a Warparty that caused mayhem on the streets of East Coney, before the entirety of The Warriors came together to attack the Destroyers' hangout. With the Destroyers' operations sabotaged, and their lieutenants and officers wasted, the battle between the Coney gangs came to an end, with The Warriors the victors.[5]

    [edit] Gang curfew in Pelham

    See also: Boys In Blue

    On June 30, a cop was killed in Pelham, which led to a gang curfew coming into effect. At this time, Fox and Snow were scouting in Pelham, so Cleon sent a Warparty consisting of Cochise, Vermin and Cowboy to Pelham to search for them.[6]

    When Cochise and the Warparty arrived in Pelham, they found the Subway Platform had been locked by the cops, so they had to throw members of the Pelham-based gang the Turnbull AC's in front of an oncoming train in order to get the cops to open the platform. After this, Cochise and the Warparty made their way past the rioting Turnbull AC's and Jones Street Boys to the Riffs gambling club, where they paid the doorman in order to learn the whereabouts of Fox and Snow. Upon his payment, the Riff revealed that the club was raided by cops during the gang curfew, and everyone fled to the Red Devil; the Riff suggested travelling through the sewer system to meet up with Fox and Snow.[6]

    Cochise storms the Red Devil.

    Cochise led the Warparty into the sewers after cutting them with bolt cutters. As they progressed through the sewers, Cochise and the Warparty recruited several hobos, who then helped them defeat a group of Turnbulls. After defeating the Turnbulls, the Warparty overheard a wheelchair-bound Turnbulls lieutenant named Birdie speaking about wasting two gang members earlier; shortly after this, Cochise and the Warparty came across a wasted Fox and Snow. Fox and Snow revealed that when they fled to the Red Devil with the rest of the gang members, Birdie ordered a group of Turnbulls to waste them; Cochise ordered Cowboy to take Fox and Snow back to Coney, and return with some soldiers.[6]

    Cochise and Vermin waited for some time, before Ajax and a group of New Bloods arrived; Cochise then led the reinforced Warparty into the Red Devil, where they wasted a number of Turnbulls and the resident band, The Angry Cocks. The bartender asked them to leave and informed them that Birdie could be found at the nearby refinery, so Cochise led the Warparty to confront Birdie. When the Warparty arrived at the refinery, Birdie drew out his handgun and began firing at The Warriors. The Warparty split up and attempted to cross a wooden bridge, although the bridge collapsed before Cochise could cross it. Cochise and the rest of the Warparty took turns throwing items at Birdie as he attempted to shoot at them, and eventually the Warparty were able to knock Birdie over the edge of a ledge. The Warparty left Pelham and returned to Coney, but not before Cochise told Birdie he could crawl to Coney if he wished to retaliate.[6]

    [edit] Framing the Jones Street Boys

    See also: Set Up

    In an attempt to get The Warriors on the Riffs' network, Cleon began talking to the leader of the Saracens, Edge. On July 3, Cochise and Cowboy were sent to Bensonhurst by Cleon, as they were to help the Saracens frame their rivals, the Jones Street Boys.[7]

    Cochise with the Saracens.

    When they arrived in Bensonhurst, Cochise and Cowboy met up with Edge, who explained that they were to frame the Jones Street Boys and the local cops, who had been working together to cause problems for the Saracens. After Edge had explained what they were to do, Cochise and Cowboy made their way around Bensonhurst, looting stores and stealing car radios. After collecting enough loot, Cochise and Cowboy planted some in the cops' car, before planting the rest of the loot in the Jones Street Boys' hangout. After this, Cochise and Cowboy came across Judas and his partner, two of the cops who had been working with the Jones Street Boys. Cowboy lied and said that the Jones Street Boys had a business selling stolen goods out of their hangout. Annoyed that they had seemingly been cut out of the deal, the cops arrested the Jones Street Boys' leader Knox; however, as they arrested him, they were confronted by the detectives Harrison and Garrison. When the detectives looked in the truck of the cop car, they found the remaining stolen goods and then arrested Judas and his partner.[7]

    With Knox and the corrupt cops arrested, Edge was satisfied with the work carried out by Cochise and Cowboy, and the Saracens were able to get The Warriors on the Riffs' network shortly before the meeting.[7]

    [edit] The meeting and return to Coney Island

    See also: The Warriors (film), Desperate Dudes, No Permits, No Parley, Home Run, Friendly Faces, Come Out To Play, the meeting

    When The Warriors were invited to the meeting held by Cyrus and the Riffs in Van Cortlandt Park, Cochise was selected by Cleon as one of the nine delegates representing the gang, and assigned the role of soldier. At the meeting, Cyrus discussed the possibilities available to the gangs present if they unified under a general truce and attempted to take control of New York. However, during his speech, Cyrus was killed by Luther, the leader of the Rogues, who then blamed The Warriors; this led to the death of Cleon at the hands of the Riffs. The rest of The Warriors were able to escape to the nearby cemetery; when Ajax briefly challenged Swan for the role of Warlord, Cochise was one of the members of the gang that supported Swan in his leadership.[8][9]

    Cochise in Gunhill.

    The Warriors then made their way into Gunhill, the territory of the Turnbull AC's. The Warriors made their way to beneath the subway station, where they watched as their train pulled up. However, the Turnbulls were patrolling the streets at the time in their renovated school bus; when The Warriors ran for the station, they were chased by the Turnbulls. Cochise and The Warriors were able to make it to the train and escape from the Turnbulls,[9] although they were later stopped at a station in Tremont due to a fire at the station.[8][10]

    The Warriors decided to walk through Tremont to get to the next station, although they came across Sully and the Orphans as they progressed through Tremont. Swan and Fox attempted to parley safe passage through Tremont, although negotiations broke down when Swan refused Sully's request that The Warriors removed their vests while in Tremont. Cochise and The Warriors made their way through Tremont, although they were followed by Mercy, Sully's girlfriend. When The Warriors stopped to confront Mercy, a large group of Orphans attempted to ambush them. However, Swan then threw a Molotov cocktail at a nearby car, with the ensuing explosion giving Cochise and The Warriors a chance to escape to the nearby train station with Mercy.[8][10]

    Cochise and The Warriors rode the train to 96th Street Station, where they were separated by cops. Cochise, Vermin and Rembrandt were able to evade the cops and escape on a train to Union Square, where they planned to meet up with the rest of The Warriors later.[11] However, upon their arrival at Union Square, Cochise, Vermin and Rembrandt came across the all-female gang the Lizzies, who invited the trio back to their hangout.[8][12]

    At the Lizzies' hangout, Cochise and Vermin were easily seduced by the Lizzies; when Rembrandt asked that they leave, Cochise was adamant that they had only just arrived, before he made the company of one of the Lizzies. Rembrandt's uneasy feeling proved accurate, as the Lizzies then attempted to kill the trio using handguns and knives. Cochise, Vermin and Rembrandt were able to escape from the Lizzies, although Rembrandt received a cut on his arm. Cochise, Vermin and Rembrandt then made their way to Union Square, where they met up with Snow and Cowboy. The five members of The Warriors searched for Swan, and met up with him outside of a Subway Bathroom; Swan ordered The Warriors into the bathroom, as he had been followed by the Punks for some time. Cochise and The Warriors made their way into the bathroom, and ambushed the Punks when they followed them. The Warriors eventually triumphed over the Punks, before returning to Coney on the train. While on the train, Cochise took time to reflect on Cyrus' speech, saying he was correct when he said everything on the streets was available; they just had to work out how to steal it.[12]

    When Cochise and The Warriors arrived back in Coney, they were confronted by Luther and the Rogues. Luther taunted The Warriors, until Swan led Cochise and the rest of The Warriors out onto the beach. Luther and the Rogues followed, and a confrontation between the respective gang leaders then occurred. Luther drew out his handgun and threatened to kill The Warriors; however, when he shot, Swan was quick to dodge and throw a switchblade into his arm, disabling him. The Riffs then appeared, now aware that it was the Rogues who killed Cyrus, not The Warriors. Masai, the new leader of the Riffs, praised The Warriors, before allowing them safe passage past the Riffs.[13]

    [edit] Personality and traits

    Cochise was a member of The Warriors who looked to enjoy himself. He was always looking to fight or fornicate.[14] Cochise was one of best soldiers in The Warriors, excelling at mugging; however, however, his weakness was tagging.[15]

    [edit] Behind the scenes

    Cochise first appeared in the 1979 film The Warriors, in which he is portrayed by American actor David Harris.[16] In the film's original script, Cochise was to be killed by the Baseball Furies and thrown into the Hudson River. However, the film's studio decided that Cochise was not to die.[17] Cochise also appeared in the 2005 video game The Warriors; Harris returned to voice the character in the game.[18]

    [edit] Appearances

    [edit] References

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