Cleon at the meeting.
Physical description
Gender Male
Eye colour Dark brown
Hair colour Black
Biographical information
Born February 18 1955
Wasted July 12, 1979,
Van Cortlandt Park, New York City
  • Destroyers (formerly)
  • The Warriors

  • Cleon was a co-founder of The Warriors and the Warlord of the gang until the meeting.

    Cleon was a member of the Destroyers prior to his founding of The Warriors, and considered himself and Destroyers leader Virgil to be "brothers". However, when Virgil attempted to betray Cleon and fellow Destroyer Vermin, the two left the gang to found The Warriors. Following this, a war began between The Warriors and the Destroyers for control of Coney Island.

    While this gang war was ongoing, Cleon made attempts to get The Warriors onto the Gramercy Riffs' network, as Cleon had heard that the Riffs' leader Cyrus was planning something; by associating with the leader of the Saracens, Edge, Cleon was able to bring The Warriors to the attention of the Riffs. Cleon's actions meant that The Warriors were invited to the meeting, although it was there that Cleon met his downfall, as he was presumably killed by the Riffs after being falsely accused of shooting and killing Cyrus.


    [edit] Biography

    [edit] Early life

    Little is known about Cleon's early life. However, it is known that at some point he joined the Destroyers, a gang based in Coney Island, New York City. Cleon eventually established himself as a prominent member of the gang, with leader Virgil regarding him as his right-hand man.[1]

    [edit] Leaving the Destroyers; founding The Warriors

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    Cleon declares war on Virgil.

    On the night of April 16, 1978, Cleon and Vermin were called to see Virgil. Virgil told them that they would have to meet the Satans Mothers at a warehouse to make the deal, but he then reassured them that he also be there when the deal took place. After collecting the drugs from LC, Cleon and Vermin made their way to the warehouse to meet Virgil. However, Virgil never showed up, and although Cleon and Vermin attempted to carry out the deal themselves, it then became apparent that the drugs weren't genuine and Virgil had set them up. Cleon and Vermin had to sneak past a number of the Satans Mothers in the warehouse complex as they attempted to escape, though as they left the warehouses they came across the co-leaders of the Mothers, Spider and Tiny.[1]

    Cleon takes the hangout.

    After defeating Spider and Tiny, Cleon and Vermin made their way back to the Destroyers' hangout, where they confronted Virgil. When Cleon said that he thought the two of them were "brothers", Virgil argued that Cleon had been trying to take control of the Destroyers from him. Cleon told Virgil he was paranoid, before stating that Virgil had started a war - a war that Cleon claimed he was going to win.[1]

    Cleon and Vermin made the decision to found a new gang: The Warriors. Over the next several months, Cleon and Vermin recruited a number of soldiers to their gang: former Destroyers Swan and Cowboy,[2] heavy muscle in Ajax and Snow,[3] the scout Fox,[4] and finally Harlem native Cochise.[5]

    [edit] Recruiting an artist

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    Almost a year after the gang's inception, on April 13, 1979, The Warriors added an artist to their gang in Rembrandt. Cleon oversaw Rembrandt's initiation into the gang, which involved Rembrandt battling a number of current Warriors. After the initiation, Cleon sent the injured Rembrandt with Vermin to purchase some flash.[6]

    Cleon initiates Rembrandt.

    When Vermin and Rembrandt returned to the hangout, Rembrandt expressed his excitement at bringing The Warriors to prominence. Cleon began to chastise him by explaining how they were going to build their reputation, but the hangout was then attacked by Destroyers with Molotov cocktails. Cleon led Vermin and Rembrandt through Coney, joining up with the other Warriors as they advanced. After joining up with Ajax and saving Snow, Cowboy and Fox from the police, The Warriors came across Swan and Cochise battling a number of Destroyers. Cleon and The Warriors were able to defeat the Destroyers, who subsequently returned to East Coney.[7] In retribution, Cleon ordered a Warparty consisting of Rembrandt, Vermin, Ajax and Cowboy to make their way to East Coney and cross out any Destroyers tags with the signature red Warriors "W".[8]

    [edit] Battling the Orphans

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    On May 19, the Orphans made a false report to the gang radio that they had beaten The Warriors. Upon hearing this report, Cleon and Fox took a group of New Bloods up to Tremont, where they proceeded to defeat a number of Orphans, cross out any tags and cause mayhem on the streets of Tremont.[9]

    Cleon confronts the Orphans.

    Cleon and the Warparty eventually made their way to a party being hosted by the Orphans, and defeated any Orphans present. Following this, Mercy, the girlfriend of the Orphans' leader Sully, informed Cleon and The Warriors that Sully was working on his car at the nearby auto shop. Cleon led the Warparty to the auto shop; although they were unable to catch Sully, he left his car unattended, and it was promptly destroyed by The Warriors. Before leaving, Cleon warned Sully to never again make false reports regarding The Warriors.[9]

    [edit] War with the Hi-Hats

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    After a Warriors Warparty desecrated his gallery, the leader of the Hi-Hats, Chatterbox, promised he would extract revenge on The Warriors.[10] This came on June 4, as the Hi-Hats attacked The Warriors' hangout with a skull. Cleon led a team of his lieutenants to meet Chatterbox and the Hi-Hats at Coney Island amusement park. After many of his Hi-Hats were defeated, Chatterbox and his lieutenants retreated into an attracted. Cleon pursued Chatterbox with Swan, Ajax and Snow, and after outrunning a ride on the tracks, came to confront Chatterbox. Due to his immense size and his provisions of flash, Chatterbox proved to be a difficult foe; however, Cleon and his Warriors were eventually able to defeat him, bringing an end to the feud between the two gangs.[11]

    [edit] Ending the Destroyers

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    Cleon defends Coney Island.

    On June 21, the ongoing battle between The Warriors and the Destroyers came to an end. After Charlie's Plumbing Store was attacked by the Destroyers, Virgil told the Coney shopkeepers that The Warriors' protection wasn't worth anything anymore. Cleon ordered Snow to gather any soldiers he could and sent Ash on scout patrol, before he, Swan and Vermin collected protection money from the other stores in Coney: the Little Buddha, Meat Market and Voodoo Motors. However, after collecting the money and regrouping with Snow, the stores came under attack from the Destroyers. The Warriors were able to repel the Destroyers, but the owner of the fish market then arrived and informed them that the Destroyers had taken over the market, before he handed them Ash's Warriors vest; Cleon and Swan made their way to the fish market in search of Ash. Finding him dead, Cleon concluded that it was a trap and they proved accurate, as Virgil and the Destroyers were waiting Molotov cocktails when Cleon and Swan escaped into the fish market's car lot. In order to escape from the car lot, Cleon and Swan had to break out of a locked gate, avoiding the cocktails as they attempted to break out.[12]

    Cleon and Vermin defeat Virgil.

    Upon breaking out of the car park, Cleon decided that the Destroyers have gone too far in killing Ash and must be defeated. He led a large Warparty into East Coney, defeating Destroyers soldiers and wrecking the stores under Destroyers protection. After defeating the Destroyers lieutenants, the Warparty continued onto the Destroyers hangout, and from there, Cleon and Vermin followed LC to a shack where Virgil was hiding. Cleon and Vermin made their way into the hideout and proceeded to engage Virgil in a fight; The Warriors were eventually able to gain the upper-hand on Virgil and while he lay on the floor defeated, Cleon threw a Molotov cocktail at him. The Destroyers were defeated, and The Warriors were in control of all of Coney Island.[13]

    [edit] Taking The Warriors "all-city"

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    After a Warriors Warparty was able to defeat the Turnbull AC's lieutenant Birdie in Pelham,[14] Cleon became acquaintances with Edge, the leader of the Saracens. The Saracens were engaged in a feud for Bensonhurst with the Jones Street Boys, and if The Warriors would be willing to help the Saracens take the upper-hand in the battle for Bensonhurst, Edge would help The Warriors get on the Riffs' network. Cleon sends Cowboy and Cochise to Bensonhurst, where they are able to set up the Jones Street Boys. Happy with what the Warriors have done, Edge agreed to put The Warriors on the Riffs' network prior to the meeting.[15] As Cyrus and the Riffs began sending out invitations to the big meeting, Cleon sent a Warparty consisting of Rembandt, Snow and Fox to Pelham train yard to tag some clean trains. Once this had been done, Cleon was convinced that The Warriors had been taken "all-city".[16]

    [edit] The meeting

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    Having received an invitation to the meeting and confirmation that it was going to go ahead, Cleon selected his eight delegates for the meeting in the Bronx: Swan, Cowboy, Vermin, Snow, Ajax, Fox, Cochise and Rembrandt. Prior to setting off to the meeting, Cleon's then-girlfriend Lincoln expressed her concern over Cleon attending the meeting, though Cleon reassured her that Cyrus' truce would mean he and The Warriors would remain safe in the Bronx.[17]

    After arriving at the meeting, Cleon and The Warriors heard Cyrus talk about the possibilities if the gangs present united under a general truce. However, during Cyrus' speech he was shot and killed by Luther, the leader of the Rogues. After ordering his Warriors to escape in a different direction to everyone else, Cleon made his way to the centre of the rotunda and stood above Cyrus' dead body. At this point Luther began blaming The Warriors for Cyrus' death. Cleon was then attacked by several Rogues and although he was able to defeat them, he was then crowded by a group of Riffs looking to avenge their leader. Cleon's eventual fate remains unclear, though it is heavily implied that he was killed by the Riffs.[18][19]

    [edit] Personality and traits

    Cleon was a co-founder of The Warriors, and the Warlord from the gang's inception until the meeting. His great street intelligence, charisma and tightly-controlled intensity all played a role in his leadership of the gang, which was rarely tested.[20] Cleon was tough and wiry, and particularly excelled in strength-based skills such as mugging and resisting arrest. However, Cleon's weakness lay in more nimble skills, such as stealing items and freeing his handcuffed associates.[21]

    [edit] Behind the scenes

    Cleon first appeared in the 1979 film The Warriors, in which he was portrayed by American actor Dorsey Wright.[22] Although Cleon appears to be the primary protagonist of the film for a short time, he is only seen in the film for the first 16 minutes, and does not return.[18] The 2005 video game The Warriors expands Cleon's role within The Warriors canon significantly;[21] Wright returned to voice Cleon for the game.[23]

    Cleon closely resembles Papa Arnold, who in the 1965 novel The Warriors is the leader of the Coney Island Dominators (later adapted to become The Warriors in the film and subsequent spin-offs).[24]

    [edit] Appearances

    [edit] References

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