Boys In Blue

Boys In Blue
The Warriors storm the Red Devil.
Level 11
Preceded by Destroyed
Succeeded by Set Up
Warlord Cochise
Warchief Vermin

"Boys In Blue" is the eleventh level of The Warriors (video game). The level follows The Warriors in Pelham as they battle a wheelchair-bound Turnbull AC's lieutenant named Birdie.


[edit] Level summary

At The Warriors's hangout, the gang hear on the radio that a cop has been wasted in Pelham and a "gang curfew" is in effect. Fox and Snow are scouting in Pelham, so Warlord Cleon sends Cochise, Vermin and Cowboy to check up on their condition. The cutscene that follows this then reveals that it is Luther and the Rogues that are responsible for the cop's death.

Upon their arrival at the Pelham Subway Platform, the Warparty finds that the train station is lockdown. The Warriors throw a member of the Turnbull AC's in front of an oncoming train in order to get the cops' attention; when the cops come down to the platform to investigate, The Warriors make their way to the Riffs' gambling club. Cochise asks the Riff on the door if he's seen any other Warriors, but the Riff wants payment for his answer. After collecting money from various sources in Pelham, The Warriors return to the gambling club, where the Riff informs them that when the cops raided the club, everyone fled to the Red Devil. The Riff suggests that The Warriors travel through the sewer system, though they must first locate a set of bolt cutters. After cutting into the sewers, The Warriors recruit several hobos to help them, before battling a group of Turnbull AC's. After defeating the AC's, The Warriors continue on through the sewers and overhear a wheelchair-bound Turnbull lieutenant named Birdie talking about how he wasted two gang members earlier. Shortly after this, the Warparty comes across a wasted Fox and Snow. After they are revived with flash, Fox and Snow explain that when the cops raided the Riffs' gambling club and everyone fled to the Red Devil, they followed them. However, Birdie soon set a group of Turnbull AC's on The Warriors, and they were wasted. Cochise tells Cowboy to take Fox and Snow back to Coney Island, and get some Warriors reinforcements down to Pelham.

After a wait, Ajax arrives with several New Bloods. The reinforced Warparty enters the Red Devil and wastes all of the Turnbull AC's inside, including the resident band, The Angry Cocks. The bartender then asks The Warriors to leave, telling them that Birdie is at the local refinery. Arriving at the refinery, The Warriors find Birdie talking to his brother and several more construction workers. When Cochise announces The Warriors' arrival, Birdie draws a gun and The Warriors run for cover. However, a bridge collapses beneath them, which leaves Cochise behind. With Birdie shooting at them from behind cover, The Warriors must take turns throwing objects such as cans and bricks at Birdie. Eventually, Birdie is knocked to the edge of a ledge, and a final thrown object knocks him over the edge. Cochise tells Birdie he can crawl to Coney if he wishes to retaliate, before the Warparty leaves Pelham.

A cutscene then takes place in the Riffs' hangout. As Cyrus takes the Riffs through a set of Martial Arts drills, he is informed that The Warriors have wasted Birdie and that the Turnbull AC's are looking for revenge. However, Cyrus is adamant that the AC's should not be allowed to retaliate and tells the informer to keep track of The Warriors' movements.

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"Boys In Blue" has a high score goal of 9000. Reaching this goal unlocks 10 soldiers and four arenas for use in Rumble Mode.

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