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The 2005 video game The Warriors features a number of bonus missions, which can be accessed from Coney Island. These missions are unlocked as the player progresses through the game, and when completed, provide players with bonuses such as the ability to inflict increase damage to opponents, or recruit allies in the form of hobos.

[edit] List of bonus missions

Mission Requirements
"Robbin Hood" Complete "Payback"
"Turf Invasion I" Complete "Payback"
"Busted" Complete "Blackout"
"Turf Invasion II" Complete "Blackout"
"Turf Invasion II" Complete "Real Heavy Rep"
"Flash Head" Complete "Writer's Block"
"Deal With It" Complete "Adios Amigo"
"Vigilante Justice" Complete "Encore"
"Carny Compassion" Complete "Destroyed"
"Turf Invasion IV" Complete "Destroyed"
"Feed The Homeless" Complete "Boys In Blue"
"Turf Invasion V" Complete "Boys In Blue"
"Turf Invasion VI" Complete "All-City"
"Flash Point" Complete "Come Out To Play"
"Freedom" Complete "Come Out To Play"

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