The Warriors in the train during the blackout.
Level 4
Preceded by Payback
Succeeded by Real Heavy Rep
Warlord Vermin
Warchief Snow

"Blackout" is the third level of The Warriors (video game). The level follows Vermin as he, Snow and Ash are caught up in a riot when a blackout affects Riverside.


[edit] Level summary

Vermin and Snow decide take Ash to a strip club named The Black Cat. However, while they are on the train, the power cuts out, leaving The Warriors stranded in Riverside. After breaking out of the train, The Warriors make their way up to street level, where they realise a blackout is in progress.

The Warriors begin rioting, joining gangs such as the Moonrunners, Rogues, Panzers and Savage Huns. However, when the riot cops appear, The Warriors decide to make their way back to Coney Island. As The Warriors make their way to the train, they come across the Baseball Furies beating two Rogues. The Furies spot The Warriors and give chase to them to the train, though Vermin, Snow and Ash are able to escape and catch the train back to Coney.

A cutscene involving Luther and the Rogues then occurs, which shows Luther reuniting with the Rogues after escaping from the Furies. Cropsey questions Luther about the location of Tommy and Patches - the two Rogues beaten by the Furies - but Luther tells him not to worry, and instead shows the Rogues the money he has earned from selling the items he stole during the riots.

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[edit] Behind the scenes

"Blackout" has a high score goal of 12000. Reaching this goal unlocks 24 soldiers and one arena for use in Rumble Mode.

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