Baseball Furies

Baseball Furies

The logo of the Baseball Furies.
General information
  • Cobb
  • Notable members Ryan, Darien, Zack, BJ
    Territory Riverside, Manhattan
    Founding Sometime before April 30, 1979
    Allies Gramercy Riffs
    Rivals The Warriors, Jones Street Boys, Punks

    The Baseball Furies were a prominent street gang in New York City around the time of the meeting and one of the gangs that attended the conclave.

    The Baseball Furies were a well-respected gang whose territory was Riverside in Manhattan. The gang mostly wore white baseball uniforms and each member had an individual set of face paint; the gang was also renowned for being silent.

    The Baseball Furies' prominence meant that the gang was invited by Cyrus and the Gramercy Riffs to the meeting in Van Cortlandt Park, the Bronx. When Cyrus was murdered at the meeting and the blame was placed on the Coney Island-based gang The Warriors, the Furies were one of the gangs that responded to the Riffs' alert and chased down The Warriors. The Furies confronted four members of The Warriors outside of 96th Street Station and pursued them to Riverside Park, where despite their superior numbers, the Furies were defeated by The Warriors.


    [edit] History

    [edit] Formation

    The Baseball Furies were founded sometime before April 30, 1979, and adopted Riverside in Manhattan as their territory. The Furies were led by Cobb, and one of their main hangouts was the Park.[1]

    [edit] Riverside blackout

    See also: Blackout

    The Furies waste two Rogues.

    On April 30, 1979, a blackout occurred in Riverside, and a riot subsequently broke out. Several gangs such as the Moonrunners, Rogues and The Warriors were involved in the riot; when Luther, the leader of the Rogues, and Tommy and Patches, two other members of the gang, strayed into the Park during the riot, they were attacked by a large group of Baseball Furies. Luther was able to escape, but the Furies went on to waste Tommy and Patches.[2]

    As the Baseball Furies wasted Tommy and Patches, three members of The Warriors passed the Park. The Furies chased the three members of The Warriors, although they were unable to catch them as The Warriors were able to make it to the train and escape.[2]

    After the Baseball Furies wasted the two members of the Rogues during the blackout, the Gramercy Riffs asked the gang to be more lenient on gang members that strayed into Riverside. This request was reported by the D.J. on the gang radio station.

    [edit] Battling the Jones Street Boys

    On May 19, the Baseball Furies battled the Bensonhurst-based gang, the Jones Street Boys. The Furies defeated the Jones Street Boys, and their victory was later mentioned by the D.J. on the gang radio station.

    [edit] Battling the Punks

    On July 3, the Baseball Furies battle the Punks at Union Square. The Furies defeated the Punks, and their victory was later reported by the D.J. on the gang radio station.

    [edit] The meeting and battle with The Warriors

    See also: The Warriors (film), Desperate Dudes, Home Run, the meeting

    A Baseball Fury battles Ajax.

    When Cyrus and the Riffs called a conclave of New York City's street gangs in Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx, the Baseball Furies were one of the gangs invited to the meeting. At the conclave, the Furies witnessed the death of Cyrus at the hands of Luther and the Rogues, although the blame was wrongfully blamed on The Warriors. After the Baseball Furies returned to their hangout in Riverside, a request was sent out by Masai, the new leader of the Riffs, asking the gangs of New York to find The Warriors.[3][4]

    The Baseball Furies were one of the gangs to respond to the Riffs' request, as they confronted four members of The Warriors outside 96th Street Station. The Furies chased the four members of The Warriors to Riverside Park and battled them using their baseball bats. However, despite their superior numbers, the Furies were defeated by The Warriors.[3][5]

    [edit] Members

    [edit] Behind the scenes

    The Baseball Furies first appeared in the 1979 film The Warriors; they played a supporting role in the film, as they were one of the street gangs who confronted the protagonist gang The Warriors following the meeting.[3] The Furies later returned in the 2005 video game The Warriors, appearing in three missions: "Blackout", "Desperate Dudes" and "Home Run".[1]

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    [edit] References

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