Ash during the blackout in Riverside.
Physical description
Gender Male
Eye colour Dark brown
Hair colour Black
Biographical information
Wasted June 21, 1979,
Fish Market, Coney Island, New York City
  • The Warriors

  • Ash was a young member of The Warriors, who was killed by The Warriors' rivals the Destroyers as part of the ongoing battle between the gangs for control of Coney Island.

    Ash joined The Warriors at the same time as Rembrandt, who went on to become the gang's artist. After joining The Warriors, Ash developed a friendship with Vermin, an existing member of the gang; shortly after becoming a member of the gang, Vermin and Snow attempted to take Ash to The Black Cat, a strip club in Harlem. However, Ash and his companions left their train in Riverside when a blackout occurred, and were involved in the subsequent riot in Riverside. Ash was later one of the New Bloods that Warlord Cleon and scout Fox led to Tremont in a revenge attack against the Orphans for making false reports over the gang radio station.

    On June 21, 1979, the Destroyers attacked The Warriors' stores in Coney. As Cleon and several senior members of The Warriors defended the stores, Ash was sent to Tony's Fish Market on a scouting mission. While there, Ash was ambushed and killed by the Destroyers and their leader Virgil. This caused The Warriors to retaliate, as they invaded East Coney, killing Virgil and ending the Destroyers.


    [edit] Biography

    [edit] Joining The Warriors

    See also: New Blood

    On April 13, 1979, Ash underwent his initiation into the Coney Island-based gang The Warriors. Along with Rembrandt, another initiate, Ash had to battle a number of hobos and existing members of the gang in order to earn his vest. After earning their vests, Ash and Rembrandt were shown around Coney by Vermin, an existing member of The Warriors and one of the gang's co-founders. Vermin showed Ash and Rembrandt how to loot stores, steal car radios and mug pedestrians, before he led them to one of Coney's flash dealers in order to purchase some flash and heal the wounds they earned during their initiation.[1]

    [edit] Riverside blackout

    See also: Blackout

    Ash in the Riverside blackout.

    On April 30, Vermin and Snow attempted to take Ash to The Black Cat, a strip club in Harlem. However, their train was stopped as a blackout occurred in Riverside. Ash and his companions made their way up to street level, and became involved in the riot that was occurring due to the blackout. Ash, Vermin and Snow spent some time looting stores and rioting with civilians and gangs such as the Moonrunners, Panzers and Savage Huns; a number of riot cops then descended on Riverside and began arresting those rioting, which led to Ash and his companions attempting to leave Riverside. However, as Ash, Vermin and Snow made their way past The Park to get to the subway station, they came across the Riverside-based gang the Baseball Furies wasting two members of the Rogues. When the Baseball Furies saw Ash and his companions, they chased them to the subway station, although Ash, Vermin and Snow were able to board the train, escape from the Furies and return to Coney.[2]

    [edit] Battling the Orphans

    See also: Real Heavy Rep

    On May 19, the Orphans made a false report to the gang radio station that they had defeated The Warriors. In retaliation, Ash and several New Bloods were led to Tremont by Warlord Cleon and scout Fox. In Tremont, Ash and the Warparty defeated a group of Orphans, before the local hobos informed them that more Orphans could be found at the nearby medical clinic. At the clinic, Ash and the Warparty defeated another group of Orphans, before they came across the Orphans' second-in-command Jesse. After he was interrogated by the Warparty, Jesse revealed that the Orphans were holding a party at The Orphanage.[3]

    Ash faces the Orphans.

    Ash and the Warparty made their way to The Orphanage, where they defeated a large number of Orphans. Following this, Mercy, the girlfriend of the Orphans' leader Sully, informed the Warparty that they could find Sully at the local auto shop, fixing his car. Ash and the Warparty were able to find Sully at the auto shop; although he was able to escape from the Warparty by hiding behind a gate, he left his car, which was promptly destroyed by Ash and the Warparty. As Sully bemoaned the destruction of his car, Cleon spoke to Ash and the New Bloods about the importance of being a member of The Warriors, and how they had to maintain their pride against any gang that opposed them.[3]

    [edit] Battles with the Destroyers and death

    See also: Payin' The Cost

    On June 21, Charlie's Plumbing Store was attacked by the Destroyers, and the Destroyers' leader Virgil told the Coney shopkeepers that they were to begin paying protection money to the Destroyers, not The Warriors. Cleon led Ash, Swan, Vermin and Snow to the Plumbing Store, where Charlie explained what had happened. Snow was sent to gather additional members of The Warriors, while Ash was sent to scout Tony's Fish Market, despite the fact he wished to stay and protect the stores.[4]

    While scouting the Fish Market, Ash was ambushed and killed by Virgil and the Destroyers. Tony took Ash's vest and went to Cleon and The Warriors, explaining what had happened. When Cleon and Swan later arrived at the Fish Market to search for Ash, they found his dead body and realised that it was an ambush. Cleon and Swan escaped into the Fish Market's car park, where the Destroyers attempted to kill them using Molotov cocktails. Cleon and Swan were able to escape from the car park,[4] and later launched a revenge attack on the Destroyers, as they invaded East Coney, sabotaged the Destroyers' operations and killed Virgil. With the Destroyers ended, the battle for Coney was over, with The Warriors the victors.[5]

    [edit] Personality and traits

    Ash was a young and feisty member of The Warriors, eager to prove his worth to the gang. Initiated into The Warriors alongside artist Rembrandt, Ash soon befriended Vermin, an existing member of the gang and one of the gang's co-founders. The friendship between Ash and Vermin became apparent around the time of Ash's death, as Vermin was keen to ensure Ash was safe while scouting at the Fish Market; furthermore, when Ash was killed by the Destroyers, Vermin greatly wished to avenge him.[6]

    [edit] Behind the scenes

    Ash first appeared in the 2005 video game The Warriors, as he was created for the game. In the video game, Ash was voiced by American actor Ephraim Benton.[7]

    [edit] Appearances

    [edit] References

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