Armies of the Night

Swan battles the Orphans.

"Armies of the Night" is a bonus objective and side-scrolling minigame that is featured in the 2005 video game The Warriors. "Armies of the Night" takes place over five stages, and follows Swan as he makes his way through New York City in order to rescue Mercy after she is kidnapped by the Gramercy Riffs. "Armies of the Night" is unlocked by completing the five flashback levels in the video game, and can be accessed from the arcade game machine inside The Warriors' hangout.


[edit] Stages

[edit] Behind the scenes

Completing "Armies of the Night" unlocks 12 soldiers and three arenas for use in Rumble Mode.

If "Armies of the Night" is played by two players, Ajax is controlled by the second player, and accompanies Swan as he attempts to rescue Mercy. When Swan and Ajax rescue Mercy, they then battle to determine who returns to Coney Island with her.

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