The Warriors meet up with Scopes.
Level 13
Preceded by Set Up
Succeeded by Desperate Dudes
Warlord Rembrandt
Warchief Snow

"All-City" is the thirteenth level of The Warriors (video game). The level follows Rembrandt as he attempts to take The Warriors "all-city" by leaving their mark on a number of trains in Pelham's Trainyard.


[edit] Level summary

In The Warriors hangout, Warlord Cleon tells Rembrandt that it's time to take the gang "all-city". Cleon leads Rembrandt, Snow and Fox to meet up with Scopes at the Pelham Trainyard.

The level then cuts to the Gramercy Riffs' hangout. It is two days until the meeting, and Riffs' leader Cyrus sends his second-in-command Masai to invite his chosen gangs to the meeting, outlining his conditions for the gangs in attendance. Masai invites the Hi-Hats to the meeting, before inviting the Bensonhurst-based Saracens and Jones Street Boys. The Van Cortlandt Rangers are invited to the meeting, as are the Moonrunners after Masai meets with them outside of the Red Devil. The Hurricanes, Savage Huns and Boppers are visited by Masai, as are Luther and the Rogues.

The level then returns to The Warriors, who have met up with Scopes in Pelham. Scopes explains that Rembrandt should be able to tag the new trains in the yard, though he warns the Warparty that they should watch out for the Moonrunners, as the Trainyard is their territory. Cleon and Scopes leave shortly after, and the Warparty make their way into the Trainyard, where Rembrandt tags the first train and Fox sets out to find the other new trains. Rembrandt and Snow then make their way through the Trainyard, defeating several groups of Moonrunners and then destroying the security guards' radio. Fox then arrives; informing Rembrandt and Snow where the next three trains are, before leaving to find the final two.

Rembrandt and Snow find and tag the next three trains, before regrouping with Fox. Scopes then arrives to inform them that when they destroyed the radio earlier, they alerted the cops, who are now arriving at the Trainyard. Scopes leaves, and Rembrandt tags the final two trains, before leaving the Trainyard. Later, Rembrandt and Scopes watch as a train bearing The Warriors' logo passes them.

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[edit] Behind the scenes

"All-City" has a high score goal of 15000. Reaching this goal unlocks 18 soldiers and one arena for use in Rumble Mode.

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