Ajax on the train in Tremont.
Physical description
Gender Male
Height 5' 10½" (1.79 m)
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Brown
Biographical information
Born April 8 1956
Arrested July 13, 1979,
Riverside, New York City
  • The Warriors

  • Ajax was a member of The Warriors, and one of the nine delegates chosen to represent the gang at the meeting.

    Ajax was considered to be one of the toughest members of The Warriors, though his time in the gang began in a bad way. After completing his initiation along with Snow, the two were ambushed and had their new vests stolen by The Warriors' Coney Island rivals the Destroyers. However, the two were able to retrieve their vests, and Ajax went on to establish himself as a prominent member of The Warriors, playing an important role in the gang's feuds with gangs such as the Destroyers, Hi-Hats and Hurricanes.

    Ajax was one of the nine delegates chosen by Warlord Cleon to represent The Warriors at the meeting hosted by Cyrus and the Riffs in the Bronx. At the meeting, Cyrus was murdered and The Warriors were wrongfully blamed for his death, which led to the death of Cleon at the hands of the Riffs. Despite Swan being designated Warchief and the gang's second-in-command, Ajax briefly attempted to take control of the gang. This failed and Ajax was able to redeem himself later when he helped Swan, Snow and Cowboy defeat the Baseball Furies. However, shortly after this Ajax was arrested as he sexually assaulted a woman that turned out to be an undercover cop.


    [edit] Biography

    [edit] Joining The Warriors

    See also: Heavy Muscle, Scout's Honor

    On June 15, 1978, Ajax attempted to join the Coney Island-based street gang The Warriors, along with Snow. As the final part of their initiation, Ajax and Snow had to battle a number of existing members of The Warriors; they were successful in their attempts, and after they received their vests, Warlord Cleon invited them to a party with the rest of the gang. However, Ajax and Snow instead made their way to East Coney, where they met up with Rosie, who worked on one of East Coney's stalls. While talking to Rosie, Ajax and Snow came under attack from The Warriors' rivals the Destroyers, who knocked them unconscious and then stole their vests.[1]

    Ajax after joining The Warriors.

    When Ajax and Snow awoke, they began searching for the Destroyers who had stolen their vests. After defeating several groups of Destroyers, Ajax and Snow came across the Destroyers lieutenant Beansie. Ajax and Snow interrogated Beansie, who revealed that their vests had been taken by Lemmy and LC, two more Destroyers lieutenants. Ajax and Snow made their way into Shantytown, where they found Lemmy and retrieved Snow's vest. Ajax and Snow then made their way through a pawn shop to get into LC's apartment, where they found him with a woman named Lafonda. After Ajax and Snow wasted LC, Ajax made his way into the bathroom with Lafonda, engaged in sexual intercourse with her, and then retrieved his vest from her.[1]

    As Ajax and Snow exited LC's apartment, they passed a large group of Destroyers. Ajax and Snow attempted to pass by unnoticed, but Lafonda yelled at Ajax, attracting the attention of the Destroyers. The Destroyers pursued Ajax and Snow for some time, until Ajax and Snow came across the rest of The Warriors, led by Cleon. The Destroyers retreated upon seeing the members of The Warriors, but Ajax and Snow were then chastised by Cleon for causing trouble on their first night in the gang.[1]

    Ajax was later present as Fox attempted to join the gang. When Ajax suggested that Vermin accompany Fox on his initiation in Chinatown, Cleon agreed and ordered Vermin to join Fox.[2]

    [edit] Battles with the Destroyers

    See also: Real Live Bunch, Payback

    On April 13, 1979, The Warriors recruited an artist in Rembrandt. On the same night, The Warriors came under attack from their Coney rivals the Destroyers and the local cops. Ajax was with a woman when Cleon, Vermin and Rembrandt arrived, saying that they needed his help. Ajax abandoned the woman, and joined Cleon and the others in their search for the rest of The Warriors. Ajax and The Warriors freed Snow and Cowboy from handcuffs after they had been arrested and then saved Fox from a pair of cops, before they destroyed a cop car in retaliation. Ajax and The Warriors then looted a store, and made their way through Coney's alleys to find Cochise and Warchief Swan. Ajax and The Warriors found Cochise and Swan battling a number of Destroyers; they joined in the battle, and were able to defeat the group of Destroyers. However, when The Warriors returned to their hangout, they found that the Destroyers had left a large tag on the side of it.[3]

    In retribution, Cleon ordered a Warparty comprising of Ajax, Rembrandt, Vermin and Cowboy to venture into East Coney and cross out any Destroyers tags they found. The Warparty made their way through East Coney, crossing out any tags, while also defeating numerous groups of Destroyers and looting several stores. Eventually, Ajax and the Warparty came to the Destroyers' hangout. As Rembrandt crossed out the large Destroyers burner on the side of the hangout, Ajax made his way into the hangout, where he found the Destroyers asleep after a party. In the hangout, Ajax drank Destroyers leader Virgil's alcohol, before leaving a red "W" on the back of his vest; the mark of The Warriors. Ajax then exited the hangout, meeting up with the rest of the Warparty before they returned to their territory in West Coney.[4]

    [edit] "SoHo Writer's Showdown"

    See also: Writer's Block

    Ajax in SoHo.

    On May 20, Rembrandt entered The Warriors into the "SoHo Writer's Showdown", hosted by Scopes on territory belonging to the Hi-Hats. Ajax, Snow and Cowboy accompanied Rembrandt to the competition. As Rembrandt competed against gangs such as the Electric Eliminators, Moonrunners and Panzers, Ajax, Snow and Cowboy watched over him.[5]

    Rembrandt was able to win the contest on behalf of The Warriors; when Scopes was later announcing The Warriors' victory, he was thrown from the top of a scaffold by two members of the Hi-Hats. Chatterbox, the leader of the Hi-Hats, then appeared, threatening the gangs who had competed in the contest. A large group of Hi-Hats surrounded the other gangs as Chatterbox spoke, before the Hi-Hats attacked on Chatterbox's command. Ajax and The Warriors were able to escape onto a rooftop across from where Chatterbox was stood, and from there they knocked a piece of scaffolding onto Chatterbox, which knocked him down into the courtyard. Looking for revenge, the Hi-Hats then pursued Ajax and The Warriors across the SoHo Rooftops; however, Ajax and The Warriors were able to escape, as they jumped into Chatterbox's personal art gallery, which they destroyed before returning to Coney. Upon seeing that Ajax and the Warparty had destroyed his gallery, Chatterbox vowed revenge on The Warriors.[5]

    [edit] Collecting debts from Sanchez

    See also: Adios Amigo

    On May 25, Cleon became aware that Sanchez, an affiliate of the Hurricanes, had been released from prison. Sanchez owed The Warriors money, so Ajax led a Warparty to East Harlem in order to find Sanchez and collect the debts. Upon their arrival in East Harlem, Ajax, Cochise, Snow and Rembrandt defeated several groups of Hurricanes, before they made their way to the Stripes and Solids, a bar used by the Hurricanes. Ajax and the Warparty found Sanchez in the Stripes and Solids, although when they went to confront him, a large group of Hurricanes protected him. Ajax and the Warparty were able to defeat all of the Hurricanes in the Stripes and Solids, although the distraction allowed Sanchez to escape. After the bartender ordered the Warparty out of the bar, the Warparty split up to give chase to Sanchez. While Snow and Rembrandt went one way, Ajax and Cochise went the other way, and found themselves in pursuit of Sanchez. Ajax and Cochise came close to catching Sanchez on two occasions, but both times groups of Hurricanes intervened to protect Sanchez.[6]

    Ajax confronts Sanchez.

    Ajax and Cochise eventually chased Sanchez into an old building. After Ajax and Cochise regrouped with Snow and Rembrandt, the Warparty made their way into the building. In the building, they were confronted by Diego, a large affiliate of the Hurricanes. Ajax and the Warparty battled Diego for a short time, before Diego was joined by his younger brother Vargas, the leader of the Hurricanes. Despite their huge size, Diego and Vargas were eventually defeated by Ajax and the Warparty, who then pursued Sanchez onto the roof of the old building. On the building, Ajax collected some of the debts owed by Sanchez; however, Sanchez was unable to pay all of it, and so Ajax scared Sanchez, causing him to fall off the roof onto a car below.[6]

    [edit] Battling the Hi-Hats

    See also: Encore

    Ajax confronts the Hi-Hats.

    On June 4, the Hi-Hats launched a revenge attack on The Warriors, as Chatterbox threw a skull through one of the windows of The Warriors' hangout. Ajax and The Warriors made their way to the Coney Amusement Park, where they confronted the Hi-Hats. Chatterbox ordered a large group of Hi-Hats to attack The Warrriors, although Ajax and The Warriors defeated them. Chatterbox then retreated inside of the Amusement Park's attractions, along with his lieutenants Marcel and Crackerjack. Ajax, Cleon, Swan and Snow pursued Chatterbox into the attraction; they defeated one group of Hi-Hats, before they had to outrun a ride on the tracks. After they defeated another group of Hi-Hats, Ajax and The Warriors came to confront Chatterbox and his lieutenants. Ajax and The Warriors first defeated Marcel and Crackerjack, before they battled Chatterbox. In the battle that followed, Ajax and The Warriors were eventually able to kill Chatterbox, ending the brief feud between the gangs.[7]

    [edit] Ending the Destroyers

    See also: Destroyed

    On June 21, as part of the ongoing rivalry between The Warriors and the Destroyers, the Destroyers killed Ash, one of The Warriors' New Bloods, and attempted to kill Cleon and Swan.[8] In retribution, The Warriors attacked the Destroyers in East Coney. Ajax was part of this attack, as he was part of a Warparty that also included Cleon, Vermin and Snow. Ajax and the Warparty made their way through East Coney, looting the stores under the Destroyers' protection and sabotaging the Destroyers' financial operations. The Warparty defeated several Destroyers officers, before they regrouped with the rest of The Warriors and stormed the Destroyers' hangout. Ajax and The Warriors defeated all of the Destroyers present at the hangout, before Cleon and Vermin went on to kill Virgil in The Shack. With their leader dead and leading officers wasted, the Destroyers were defeated and the battle for Coney had ended with The Warriors the victors.[9]

    [edit] Gang curfew in Pelham

    See also: Boys In Blue

    On June 30, a cop was killed in Pelham, which led to a gang curfew coming into effect. At this time, Fox and Snow were scouting in Pelham, so Cleon sent a Warparty consisting of Cochise, Vermin and Cowboy to Pelham to search for them. The Warparty located Fox and Snow and found that they had been wrecked by the Turnbull AC's, so Cowboy returned them to Coney; Ajax and a group of New Bloods then made their way to Pelham.[10]

    Ajax storms the Red Devil.

    Upon their arrival in Pelham, Ajax and the New Bloods met up with Cochise and Vermin, before the reinforced Warparty stormed the Red Devil. Ajax and the Warparty wasted all of the Turnbulls they found inside the Red Devil, including the resident band, The Angry Cocks. The bartender then asked the Warparty to leave the Red Devil, saying that Birdie - the wheelchair-bound lieutenant who ordered the Turnbulls to wreck Fox and Snow - could be found at the local refinery. When Ajax and the Warparty confronted Birdie at the refinery, the Turnbulls lieutenant drew out his handgun and began shooting at the gang. Ajax and most of the Warparty were able to escape across a wooden bridge to safety, but the bridge collapsed and Cochise was left behind. Ajax and the rest of the Warparty took turns throwing items at Birdie as he attempted to shoot at them, and eventually the Warparty were able to knock Birdie over the edge of a ledge. Ajax and the Warparty then left Pelham and returned to Coney, but not before Cochise told Birdie he could crawl to Coney if he wished to retaliate.[10]

    [edit] The meeting, subsequent events and arrest

    See also: The Warriors (film), Desperate Dudes, No Permits, No Parley, Home Run, the meeting

    When The Warriors were invited to the meeting held by Cyrus and the Gramercy Riffs in Van Cortlandt Park, Ajax was chosen by Cleon as one of the nine delegates to represent the gang at the conclave. Ajax and The Warriors made their way to the meeting in the Bronx, where Cyrus discussed the possibilities if all of the gangs present unified under a general truce and took control of New York City as one gang. Ajax, who was stood next to Cowboy, seemed unimpressed by what Cyrus was saying, and seemed disgusted at Cowboy's enthusiastic response to his speech. However, Cyrus' speech was cut short, as he was shot and killed by Luther, the leader of the Rogues. The blame for Cyrus' death was placed on The Warriors, which led to the death of Cleon at the hands of the Riffs. The rest of The Warriors were able to escape into a nearby cemetery, where Ajax briefly challenged Swan for the leadership of the gang. However, Ajax's attempt to take control of the gang failed, as the majority of the other members of The Warriors supported Swan over Ajax.[11][12]

    Ajax in Gunhill.

    Ajax and The Warriors then made their way into Gunhill, the territory of the Turnbull AC's. The Warriors made their way to beneath the subway station, where they watched as their train pulled up. However, the Turnbulls were patrolling the streets at the time in their renovated school bus; when The Warriors ran for the station, they were chased by the Turnbulls. Ajax and The Warriors were able to make it to the train and escape from the Turnbulls,[12] although they were later stopped at a station in Tremont due to a fire at the station.[11][13]

    Ajax and The Warriors decided to walk through Tremont to get to the next station, although they came across Sully and the Orphans as they progressed through Tremont. Swan and Fox attempted to parley safe passage through Tremont, although negotiations broke down when Swan refused Sully's request that The Warriors removed their vests while in Tremont. Ajax and The Warriors made their way through Tremont, although they were followed by Mercy, Sully's girlfriend. The Warriors stopped to confront Mercy, as Ajax grabbed her from behind; however, as they were doing this a large group of Orphans appeared. The Orphans wished to fight The Warriors, but Swan threw a Molotov cocktail onto a nearby car, with the ensuing explosion giving Ajax and The Warriors a chance to escape to the train station with Mercy.[11][13]

    Ajax faces the Baseball Furies.

    Ajax and The Warriors rode the train to 96th Street Station, where they were separated by cops. Ajax, Swan, Snow and Cowboy were able to evade the cops as they exited the Station, although they were then confronted by the Riverside-based gang the Baseball Furies. Ajax and The Warriors were chased by the Furies into Riverside Park, where they split up. Ajax and Cowboy continued to be pursued by the Furies as Swan and Snow hung back, and when Cowboy said he was unable to run any further, they stopped to battle the Furies. When Cowboy was defeated by one of the Furies, Ajax defeated the Fury, before continuing to battle the rest; when Swan and Snow arrived to help Ajax, the trio were able to defeat the remaining Furies.[11][14]

    Ajax and The Warriors attempted to return to the 96th Street Station. However, as they made their way through the park they came across a woman named Chloe. Despite Swan, Snow and Cowboy insisting that they had to get to the train station, Ajax left them to sit with Chloe on a park bench. Chloe began flirting with Ajax, which led to Ajax attempting to initiate sexual intercourse with her; Ajax was then handcuffed to the park bench, as it transpired Chloe was an undercover cop. Ajax attempted to escape from the handcuffs, but more cops arrived before he could do so. Ajax was able to defeat one of the cops, but a second cop knocked him down using his baton. As Ajax was led into a cop car, Snow and Cowboy watched helplessly from the nearby trees.[11][14]

    [edit] Personality and traits

    Ajax was often bad-tempered, argumentative, and uncooperative. Even though Ajax was loyal to The Warriors and harboured an intense hatred for other gangs, he often argued with other members of The Warriors, such as Swan and Fox. Ajax was one of the strongest and toughest members of The Warriors, which meant that he excelled in skills such as mugging and resisting arrest; Ajax was particularly proud of his strength. As well as a love for violence, Ajax had a voracious sexual appetite; this ultimately proved to be his downfall, as he was arrested for attempted sexual assault.[15][16]

    [edit] Behind the scenes

    Ajax first appeared in the 1979 film The Warriors, in which he is portrayed by American actor James Remar.[17] Remar earned the role when, during his audition, he became so involved in the reading that he was able to lift the table that the director and producers were seated around.[18] In preparation for the role, Remar spent time in Coney Island prior to filming.[19] Ajax also appeared in the 2005 video game The Warriors; Remar returned to voice the character in the game.[20]

    [edit] Appearances

    [edit] References

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