Adios Amigo

Adios Amigo
The Warriors corner Sanchez.
Level 7
Preceded by Writer's Block
Succeeded by Encore
Warlord Ajax
Warchief Cochise

"Adios Amigo" is the seventh level of The Warriors (video game). The level follows a Warparty in East Harlem as The Warriors attempt to collect a payment owed to them by Hurricanes associate Sanchez.


[edit] Level summary

After Cleon informs The Warriors that Sanchez has been recently released from prison, Ajax leads a Warparty to East Harlem to find Sanchez and take from him the money that he owes the gang.

Arriving in East Harlem, The Warriors quickly begin battling small groups of Hurricanes, before making their way to the Stripes and Solids, where they find Sanchez. However, a number of Hurricanes are present in the bar and The Warriors must defeat them before they can get to Sanchez. The fight comes to an end when the owner of the Stripes and Solids orders everyone to leave; The Warriors are the victors, but Sanchez has escaped during the fight. The Warparty splits up, with Ajax taking Cochise in one direction, and Snow and Rembrandt going in the opposite direction.

Ajax and Cochise pursue Sanchez through the streets of East Harlem, twice stopping to battle groups of Hurricanes. Eventually, Ajax and Cochise corner Sanchez inside a building, before they regroup with Snow and Rembrandt. However, they must first battle Diego, a large member of the Hurricanes, and Vargas, his equally large brother. After defeating the two brothers, The Warriors corner Sanchez on the roof of the building, where they collect the payment owed to them. However, the payment is less than what is expected, and as Sanchez attempts to make excuses Ajax scares him, making him flinch and fall off the roof of the building onto a car below. Laughing at Sanchez's fall, The Warriors return to Coney Island.

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[edit] Behind the scenes

"Adios Amigo" has a high score goal of 7000. Reaching this goal unlocks 14 soldiers and four arenas for use in Rumble Mode.

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