Vermin after escaping from the Turnbull AC's.
Physical description
Gender Male
Eye colour Dark brown
Hair colour Dark brown
Biographical information
  • Destroyers (formerly)
  • The Warriors

  • Vermin was a co-founder of The Warriors and one of the nine delegates chosen to represent the gang at the meeting.

    Vermin was formerly a member of the Destroyers, but when he and Cleon were betrayed by Virgil, the leader of the Destroyers, the two left the gang to found The Warriors.

    As Vermin was a co-founder of The Warriors, he was a prominent member of the gang, and he was chosen by Cleon as one of the nine delegates to represent The Warriors at the meeting held by Cyrus, the leader of the Riffs. After Cyrus was killed at the meeting and The Warriors were falsely accused of his murder, the gang had to battle their way home to Coney Island. At 96th Street Station the gang were split up, and Vermin, Cochise and Rembrandt were seduced and almost killed by the all-girl gang the Lizzies. However, the trio were able to escape and regroup with the rest of the gang prior to fighting the Punks in a subway bathroom.

    Ultimately, Vermin was one of the six members of The Warriors that made it home to Coney Island, out of the nine that attended the meeting.

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